Thendara House

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Zine Publisher
Name: Thendara House
Fandoms: Darkover
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Thendara House is a Darkover publisher. It was named after the Free Amazon guild house featured in the book Thendara House by MZB.

The editing for these publications was done by "Thendara Council of Friends of Darkover" which was the group of fans in the Berkeley, California area that made up a Darkover Council.

Flyers instructed fans to contact Friends of Darkover for information on "Thendara House" publications.

From a flyer: "Thendara House is a small, private and ENTIRELY non-profit publishing house, edited as a labor of love by the Thendara Council of Friends of Darkover."

At least one item may have been produced by "Pendragon Press," and sold by "Thendara House," as per the comment on a late 1978 flyer: "THE MAENADS. Pamphlet poem by MZB; beautifully designed, letterpress printed, a labor of love, a rare collector's item. Special Edition for the Friends of Darkover, by the publisher of "From Elfland to Poughkeepsie." ("From Elfland to Poughkeepsie" was by Ursula Le Guin.).



There is much overlap with Friends of Darkover regarding who was responsible for the publications for Marion Zimmer Bradley's zines and newsletters. It appears, however, that "Thendara House" was the main publisher, and "Thendara Council of Friends of Darkover" was the editing arm. Or something like that!

This means that MZB publications appeared on flyers with both titles.