Hailing Frequencies Open (Star Trek: TOS zine 1)

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Title: Hailing Frequencies Open
Publisher: TrekUnited Publishing
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Hailing Frequencies Open is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of fiction with at least twenty-six issues.

It appears to be related to Hailing Frequencies Open (Star Trek: TOS zine 2) but it is unclear how.

Issue 26

Hailing Frequencies Open 26 was published in December 2008.

  • As We Are by S.L. Watson (scroll down)
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 26

Since it's creation three years ago, TrekUnited has shown itself to be a pro-active (some might say Quixotic) fan group that tries to give Star Trek fans a voice, within the fan community and outside it. Part of that mandate for action has been their magazine, Hailing Frequencies Open (HFO), which through a long, monthly print run of nearly two years, steered by the flamboyant Richard Anderson, they delivered a quality news magazine for members. Over the past year though their focus has changed, and as a sign of that re-direction, they are rebooting their flagship publication in a new format - as a fanzine. As the incumbent editor for the rebirth of HFO it is my privilege to be able to deliver something a little different for the

TrekUnited membership and fans in general. What I've tried to give readers is a publication that is written *for* them rather than *by* and *about* them. I see the scope of the 'zine as entertainment, information and commentary drawn from the whole of Star Trek fandom rather than just TrekUnited as well. I also see it as a fan production in it's own right that is a meeting of the energy and creativity of the common man and the love of their craft shown by respected professionals. I feel that it should reflect the "Infinite Diversity" of Star Trek fans (and isn't everyone a Trek fan deep down?) and that it should provide a fan experience for both those who wish to be involved in it's creation and those who simply want to enjoy reading it.

Starting with a short summary of online resources for those who like to read or create Star Trek Fan Fiction, it has three episodes of Star Trek: The Forge, a new Enterprise Virtual Season 5, a short story from Robin Woodell, a longer Christmas tale from the Mirror Universe by SL Watson and a flash fiction from <ahem> my favourite author. The issue is dedicated to Majel Barrett Roddenberry, ‘The First Lady of Trek’, from her fans. [1]


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