Hailing Frequencies Open (Star Trek: TOS zine 2)

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Title: Hailing Frequencies Open
Publisher: TrekUnited Publishing
Date(s): 2011
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Hailing Frequencies Open is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of fiction.

It appears to be related to Hailing Frequencies Open (Star Trek: TOS zine 1) but it is unclear how.

It was a planned twelve issue run of TrekUnited's flagship magazine, Hailing Frequencies Open for the 2011 Twelve trek Days Of Christmas focussing on Pre-Enterprise Star Trek. There were two issues.

V.2 N.3

cover of issue v.2 n.3

Hailing Frequencies Open v.2 n.3 was published in January 2011 (despite the cover date of December 2010). Despite the numbering, it was the first issue.

  • The size wasA4 even though it can still be printed out (as fit to paper) on US Letter
  • The colours are LCARS, I was going to use a different three every issue
  • The foregound was a head-and-shoulders of a "villain" from the era that the issue was focused on
  • The background was a negative line elevation or plan of the ship that is associated with the villain

V.2 N.4

cover of issue v.2 n.4

Hailing Frequencies Open v.2 n.4 was published in February 2011. It was the second, and last, issue.

"All the elements in the cover kept to the theme of the previous one but it becme abundantly clear that we no longer had the manpower resources to field a magazine such as HFO - bear in mind I'm talking about its content and not its size - and we have no plans of continuing publication in the forseeable future. We will, however, be publishing Trekzines under the masthead of Hailing Frequencies Open." [1]


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