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Title: Kaiidth
Publisher: Pat Seiler
Date(s): 1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Kaiidth is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of fiction, art and poems.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Suzan Lovett
flyer for issue #1

Kaiidth 1 contains 101 pages and is undated. It was been planned to have been published in time for "the Lansing, Michigan Con, so May 1981.

The front cover and other art is by Suzan Lovett as well as Pat Seiler. While this wasn't Lovett's first published art, it was close. Her first art was in R&R #14, four months earlier.

From comments at the top of a flyer printed in Antithesis #13 (July 1981):

I've been promising to get out a flyer on KAIIDTH for some time now and it seems every time I sit down to drawn [sic] one up, something comes up. Phone rings, someone a the door, kid into things... You know, the usual lame excuses. Well, shock of all shocks, here it is. It's not fancy, but it'll at least give you some info on the zine. Due to a certain lack of finances, I'm being forced to put Kaiidth in mimeo. I know, this shows poor quality in [the] art department, but unless I want to totally cancel the project (I've had a few protests at that thought) this is the only answer...

[content description]

It is this editors [sic] sincere intention to be finished with this brainchild in time for the Lansing, Michigan Con. Though I myself cannot attend (sigh!). I am prevailing upon those who are fortunate enough to attend to take some few samples and place them on the tables.

Price? you ask. [sic] Since Kaiidth will be mimeoed, the price has been drastically reduced. Final page count will be close to one-hundred pages, and in order to make up costs, hand to hand price will be 5.75. When ordering through the mail, another two dollars will be tacked on, thanks to the Post Awful who has jacked up its price. A thing I know all of us is aware of.

At present, I see nothing that will be preventing me from meeting the above release date. Barring accidents, floods, earthquakes, my copier breaking down, the zine will be there. When enquiring [sic] about Kaiidth, please send SASE for immediate response.

Some of the descriptions below are from a flyer.

  • Kaiidth by Bev Volker (1)
  • Buttertainia by Cathi Brown (McCoy makes the acquaintance of the unique inhabitants of the planet Buttertania. "Bones had enough of practical jokes and beamed down to the "Eden like" planet of Buttertainia for a restful leave. Once there, he soon discovers that the planet is populated by quite intelligent beings, but what beautiful beings.") (2)
  • Book Listings by Pat Seiler (9)
  • The Promise by Pat Seiler (McCoy has been stricken by a serious illness and is being piloted by Spock in a shuttle to meet the transport carrying the anti-toxin needed to save his life. The shuttle crashes leaving them stranded as time runs out for McCoy. "Dying. Bones will die unless he receives the anti toxin [within] the next few days and Jim has been ordered in the opposite direction from the only base in the [missing word] are which has a a supply of the precious drug on hand. The shuttle carrying Spock and the doctor crashes, forcing the Vulcan to care for the a slowly dying McCoy, forcing each man to speak with more openness concerning the both of them, and resulting in a promise which Spock is determined to keep.") (12)
  • Future's Child by Pat Seiler ("Nearly twenty years had gone by and though the Enterprise had been scrapped long ago, Jim and Spock were still together. They had spent many pleasant years simply traveling and having unusual experiences. But, a call from Amanda sends Spock hurrying home, Jim by his side. Sarek lies dying. But, what other shock does Spock finds awaiting him on his home world? What echo from the past presents itself on his doorstep?") (30)
  • A Look into Time by Pat Seiler (53)
  • Mr. Spock/Leonard Nimoy, Who Are They/Is He? by Pat Seiler (54)
  • Return to Home by Pat Seiler (56)
  • Dear Friend by K. Huffman (58)
  • An Unspoken Truth by Sharon F ( 59)
  • Is Anyone There? by Nancy Adams ("Why was Tanya chosen to be the only one left alive? Was she truly the only person left alive on the entire globe as her quest indicated? This is the only non-Trek story in Kaiidth, but one I think you will all enjoy.") (63)
  • Edith by Regina Hilburn (64)
  • Orpheus Syndrome by Suzan Lovett ("Why had the Commander lied to Spock? Why would she tell him Jim was dead? And if he was still alive, where was he? What could she possibly gain from deceiving him? Revenge?")
  • Improbable Love by Regina Hilburn (97)
  • Trek Quiz by Pat Grant (98)
  • Ads (100)
  • A Perfect Love by Linda Neel (100)

Issue 2/3

cover of #2/3, Suzan Lovett
back cover of issue #2/3, Suzan Lovett

Kaiidth 2/3 was published in 1981 and contains 146 pages. The front cover and other art is by Suzan Lovett. Additonal art by Pat Seiler.

  • Ghosts by Pat Seiler (1)
  • Voices in the Basement by Sharon F (9)
  • The Other Side of Condemnant by Linda Boucher (10)
  • I Am, I Said... To No One There by Beverly Danielson (16)
  • The Log by Pat Seiler (20)
  • The Dream by Lisa Miller (27)
  • Fate of the Phoenix by Lisa Miller (29-30)
  • To a Black Hole by Lisa Miller (30)
  • answers to quiz in first issue by Pat Grant (31)
  • zine ads
  • special ads
  • Cartoon by Pat Seiler (41)
  • Bitter Farewell by Pat Seiler (42)
  • Spock by Linda Neel (44)
  • When I Was Young by Pat Seiler (45)
  • Tholian Aftermath by Suzan Lovett
  • Don't by Pat Seiler (49)
  • I Need Him by Pat Seiler (50)
  • I Could Have Saved Her by Pat Seiler (51)
  • art by Suzan Lovett (54)
  • I Beg of You! by Pat Seiler (55)
  • Red Fire by Pat Seiler (57)
  • Yes, I Know What I Did by Pat Seiler (58)
  • A Vulcan View of Iowa by Sharon F (60)
  • art by Sharon F (63)
  • Fear of the Dark, uncredited 80-page novel, though probably by Pat Seiler (numbering of zine starts again at 1 and goes to 80)