Memories Born of Fire and Something to Remember

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Title: Memories Born of Fire/Something to Remember
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Gamin Davis, note fan-added label on the top

Memories Born of Fire/Something to Remember is a het Star Trek: TOS 185-page anthology of two stories by Gamin Davis. It has a cover and interior art by the author and was a 1990 Fan-Q Nominee for Best Zine.

It has a sequel, Blood Ties.


  • Memories Born of Fire ("An "Amok Time" sequel in which Spock's attempts to deal with his shame and fear after nearly killing Kirk force him to face the unsettling depths of his feelings of friendship for Kirk--especially after the Captain's life is again endangered on Altair VI.")
  • Something to Remember (A post-ST:TMP pon farr story in which Spock chooses Christine Chapel as his bond-mate and tries to gain the approval of Sarek and T’Pau so they can be married on Vulcan.)
illo for Memories Born of Fire by Gamin Davis

Reactions and Reviews

I enjoyed Something to Remember by Gamin Davis. I enjoy her plots, although her Spock is a little too emotional for my taste. It deals with Spock approaching pon farr and asking Kirk for advice and help with courting Chapel. Also, there is a story dealing with Spock's feelings of guilt after the "Amok Time" episode. [1]


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