There Are Three

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Title: There Are Three
Publisher: Odyssey Press
Editor(s): Ingrid Cross and Joyce Tullock
Date(s): July 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover by Suzan Lovett, the back cover is blank

There Are Three is a gen 152-page Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Ingrid Cross and J. Tullock.

The cover is by Suzan Lovett. The interior art is by Mel White, Vel Jaeger, Kate Maynard, Deborah Phillips, David Middleton, Suzan Lovett, Sue Keenan, and David Garcia,.

The stories all focus on the Kirk-Spock-McCoy triad.

The Editorial

no big secret that we do things differently down here in Louisiana. Odyssey's home is in the misty bayou country, after all: swamps, Cajun French, ancient, glorious live oaks and Mardi Gras.

This is a place where old and new are.meeting and creating something unique all the time. That's why we chose to say of There Are Three, "Kirk, Spock and McCoy - the way they are, the way they used to be." We asked Suzan Lovett to reflect that spirit - as well as the spirit of Odyssey - in her cover. She did so to absolute perfection. She could have read our minds. We owe Suzan an extraordinary debt of thanks. Not just for believing in the project, but for understanding what we're about. For listening, and giving back tenfold. Kate Maynard understands, too. In fact, where Odyssey Press is concerned, she has a will more forceful than the captain, an eye as precise as the Vulcan, and a warmth of insight that puts McCoy to shame. This zine is her accomplishment. The many contributors of art, fiction and poetry have joined together, cooperating with us in a most gracious, patient and enthusiastic manner. There Are Three is, indeed, a Mardi Gras zine - complete with its disguises, its color, its love of living, and its self-knowing appreciation of the ludicrous. Star Trek fans know how to enjoy, and it's certain that the spectrum our contributors - from Nora Jeffrey and her fine poem to Barbara Devereaux and her witty, open-hearted view of it all - give a great variety. Too many to name here, we thank them all for their faith in the project. Each is a connoisseur of Trek. They show us their view enthusiastically. Of special note this time, we'd like to thank Susan Weeks and Sandra Cook - two fans who dropped out of heaven into our thankful arms and have renewed our faith - in Trek, in ourselves and in mankind. They have played a major role in Odyssey Press' development this past year, and have a special place in our hearts for all this and much more.

We invite you to share the enthusiasm displayed in There Are Three for Star Trek and hope it brings you a little closer to ideals Trek is famous for.

TOC and Summaries

Some summaries below are from the Zinedex. Others are from The McCoy List.

  • Possibilities, poem by Sandra Middleton (1)
  • Remarks [editorial] by Ingrid Cross, Joyce Tullock
  • The Pearl by Sandra Middleton (McCoy is experiencing an emotional reaction to his ordeal at the hands of the Vians. He has become silent and withdrawn. Kirk and Spock are concerned and reach out to help, but it is a gift from Spock, given in friendship and honor, that most strongly affects the doctor.) (1)
  • We're Trapped by Debra Sims (9)
  • Succession by Shirley Sipe (The planet Tevis accepted Federation membership over the objections of many of its citizens. When the Federation facility on the planet is destroyed, killing many and contaminating the planet's water supply, the Enterprise is sent to help. McCoy soon comes into conflict with the healers on Tevis who treat only those they select, in secret, and at great expense.) (11)
  • Trilogy of Hope, poem by Ingrid Cross (33)
  • A Fleeting Touch by Sandra McHale (The planet Kilbian is being devastated by the Thy-Rugic disease. There are vaccines and antidotes that should be working, but they are not. Spock discovers the virus uwas brought to Kilbian by a member of the Dark Society, a secret organization devoted to death and destruction. When a society member invades the Enterprise, McCoy becomes a victim of the disease. Kirk and Spock struggle to prevent the alien from using the Enterprise to rejoin his evil comrades.) (34)
  • Heal Thyself, poem by Anne Batterby (59)
  • Invitation Declined by Meg Fine (McCoy has a little problem with seasickness.) (60)
  • Crystal, Crystal, Burning Bright by Madalena Mumford (Kirk and McCoy are sharing time on shore leave when the doctor is abducted. Twelve hours later a package is delivered to Starfleet Headquarters containing the doctor's uniform and ring. It eventually becomes apparent that McCoy is a pawn being used to lure Kirk and the Enterprise into a confrontation with the Klingons.) (61)
  • The Gift by Sue Keenan (86)
  • A Transmigration on the Genesis Planet by Tess Thomas (87)
  • Keeper of the Katra, poem by Nora L. Jeffery (McCoy and Spock each soliloquizing on their experience in STIII.) (90)
  • The Penultimate Computer by Barbara Devereaux (92)
  • A Last Request by Sue Keenan (102)
  • A Loss to Thee by Dawn Law (105)
  • Reflections of a Country Doctor, poem by L.S. Swisher (McCoy muses on the deaths of Peter Preston and Spock.) (112)
  • The Shattering by Joyce Tullock (The emotional trauma of the mission on Minara is slowly destroying Leonard McCoy. His repressed memories of the experience are leading to violent phychoic episodes. The Enterprise will lose their CMO if the doctors, Kirk and Spock cannot find a way to help the doctor.) (113)
  • untitled poem by M.T. (the Alien) (144)
  • The Tahiti Syndrome, poem by Elaine Batterby (McCoy muses on Kirk's loss of Miramanee.) (145)
  • Synthesis by Ingrid Cross (146)

Sample Gallery

Reactions and Reviews

"There are Three" published by ODYSSEY PRESS is actually K&S&Mc, strongly focused on the friendships between the three characters with no sexual content. Some h/c stories e.g. set after the Empath episode, some poems, art. Tender and lovingly. [1]
  • The Pearl / Sandra Middleton, In trying to help McCoy get over Minara, Kirk discovers that the doctor loved Gem. Spock presents McCoy with a Vulcan pearl.
  • We're Trapped / Debra Sims, S/M dialogue, trapped in cage waiting for beam-out
  • Succession / Shirley Sipe, Enterprise crew is called to assist in disaster on a planet where the leaders are distrustful of the Federation. The local medical establishment rules by giving as well as healing disease -- and decide to make an example of Kirk by having him die of a normally mild disease.
  • A Fleeting Touch / Sandra McHale, Dark Lord Ruhle (dressed like a housefly), invisible holder of the touch of death, having spread Thy-Rygic disease on a colony planet, attacks the Trio.
  • Crystal, Crystal, Burning Bright / Madalena Mumford, On shore leave with Kirk, McCoy is abducted, mistreated for an extended period, and used as bait to pit Enterprise against a Klingon ship, battling for a new crystal-based force shield that is transparent to transporter beams.
  • The Gift / Sue Keenan, Some alien being debates over which of the Three it should bond with.
  • A Transmigration on the Genesis Planet / Tess Thomas, McCoy has nightmares about Khan after Genesis.
  • The Penultimate Computer / Barbara Devereaux, Ultimate Computer spoof, with the Triad all writing trilogies.
  • A Last Request / Sue Keenan, McCoy death scene; Spock in attendance.
  • A Loss to Thee / Dawn Law, Because Kirk has information he must protect from his Klingon captors with his life, Spock agrees to kill him, with McCoy's assistance.
  • The Shattering / Joyce Tullock, Kirk and Spock force McCoy to relive and confront his anger at them for leaving him alone to suffer the Vian experiments. A little gushy, but basically very well done. Especially liked Scotty hauling off and knocking Kirk on his ass for what he's doing to McCoy - hint at a stronger friendship there than we see much.
  • Synthesis / Ingrid Cross, Interesting little fantasy piece. A dark stranger, presumably Spock, arrives to bring the dangerous third dream to the King Ciroe and his wizard Linerd. [2]


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