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Zine Publisher
Name: Bearly Spaced Enterprises
Contact: Karen T
Fandoms: Highlander, Blake's 7, Pros, Robin of Sherwood
Status: active? (may not be publishing new zines, only reprints, no contact info available)
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1987 flyer for Bearly Spaced Enterprises

The Pros fanzine website Palely Loitering offers the following: "Bearly Spaced Enterprises seem to have published four gen Pros zines, between 1994 (Running All The Way, Sir) and 1998, in May of each year. They .... appear also to have produced a series of Blake's 7 zines[1],.....they were described on the now defunct Media West 1999 convention website as selling "....'zines: Highlander, Blake's 7, Pros, ROS" at the convention."[2] They were listed as being in attendance at the 2008 Media West convention.

From the 2009 Media West Program Book: "Bearly Spaced Enterprises - The ORIGINAL Media Bears! K. Rae Travers "Hand Made, one at a time, to order, Media Character Bears. From Andromeda to Zorro and everything in between. Stop by and Customize YOUR BEARY own bear! "

From a 2008 Eastern Media Con convention report:
"Oh yeah, I bought a bear! I've been toying with getting one of Bearly Spaced bears for the last few years, and this time I actually ordered one. Its going to be a David Tennant Doctor bear, although now I think I may have to go back and get a Jack bear too. It'll depend on how much I spend the rest of the weekend."[1]

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