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Name: Soolin
Occupation: Gunfighter, Rebel
Location: Xenon Base, Scorpio
Status: probably deceased
Relationships: possible former relationship with Dorian (deceased)
Fandom: Blake's 7
Other: Played by Glynis Barber
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Soolin meets the survivors of the Liberator on their return from Terminal at the beginning of series 4 of Blake's 7. Dorian's companion and lover, she is a skilled gunfighter. She learnt her trade at a young age after her parents were murdered by hired mercenaries on Gauda Prime (the setting for the final episode of the series, and the location of Blake's base). Learning how to be proficient with a gun, she tracked down the killers and avenged her parents' deaths. After Dorian's failed attempt to murder her along with Avon and the others, she offers to join the crew as a mercenary ("I don't give my allegiance at all. I sell my skill." N.B. it seems highly unlikely Avon ever paid her). Along with the rest of the Scorpio crew, she is seen to be shot down at the end of the final episode, and presumably dies.

Prone to sarcasm and highly suspicious, she is nevertheless loyal to the crew. Fannish opinion is generally positive, though many have described her as being difficult character to get to know/rather a blank slate. The Recurring Themes in Blake's 7 Fan Fiction note that:

Soolin is 'just like Avon': She regularly gets compared to him for her coolness and unapproachability. This doesn't mean they ever end up in bed together, although they do occasionally; in fact, it often seems like she is being criticized for sharing certain attributes with him, rather than made mysterious and sexy, as we all know Avon is....But this may be just the usual phenomenon of female characters getting bashed more than male characters (with the exception of Blake!) in fanfic.[1]

Soolin in Fandom

Soolin depicted on the cover of The Other Side 1, image by Lana Brown
Soolin on a fan-made calendar, art by Karen River

Like Dayna (also a woman who joins the series late into its run), Soolin is not a particularly popular character in Blake's 7 fanfiction. She does usually feature as part of the Post Gauda Prime ensemble, in stories where the crew are only stunned or otherwise recover, but she is generally a background character in such fics, despite GP being her home planet! Beloved Adversary is a good example of a PGP fic where she has a more significant role (though Blake and Avon are the protagonists).

Stories that feature Soolin as a major character tend to focus on her GP backstory. In shippy fic, she is most often paired with Fandom Bicycle Avon, or Dayna (which may either be the main pairing or a background pairing). There are also a few Vila/Soolin fics. Interestingly Glynis Barber was dating Steven Pacey (Tarrant during filming, but this has not had an affect on fanfiction. She is generally depicted as very in-control and confident in sexual encounters, either as a result of her experiences on her home planet, or her experiences with Dorian who (like his namesake Dorian Grey) is generally believed to have been depraved.

Soolin is depicted in some fanart, generally alone.

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