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Name: Susannah Shepherd
Type: Fanwriter
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Sherlock Holmes
Communities: Freedom City
URL: Susannah Shepherd's Fiction Collection, on AO3
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Susannah Shepherd is a gen, slash and het fanwriter in Blake's 7 and Sherlock Holmes fandoms. Her known fannish activity took place in the 2000s. She was a member of the Freedom City mailing list and had most of her Blake's 7 fics first published in there. Many of her Blake's 7 stories are humorous and often combine humor and smut, but she also wrote some serious stories both in Blake's 7 and Sherlock Holmes fandoms.

The site is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project


Sherlock Holmes

  • Hidden Depths - Watson inadvertently lets slip that his war injuries are far more extensive and crippling than he has formerly admitted. Holmes encourages him to confront his fears and find new hope. (Holmes/Watson)
  • Mea Culpa - What really happened between Holmes and Watson after "The Adventure of the Dying Detective", when Holmes so successfully faked his imminent death? (Holmes/Watson)

Blake's 7

  • From Light Into Darkness - When Avon is nearly killed trying to escape Earth after his bank fraud, he thinks he learns something about death, but subsequent events prove a disturbing challenge to his beliefs and his assumptions. (gen)
  • The Very Secret Diary of Kerr Avon - Avon shares his innermost thoughts and aspirations in a diary covering the time from his conviction to the Andromedan invasion. Find out exactly why he switches to wearing black leather! (gen, humor)
  • A New Life in Tales from Space City #5 - The sole survivor of Gauda Prime has moved on and made a new life for himself, although he's still haunted by the deaths of his companions. A chance encounter leaves him wondering whether he really *was* the only one to walk away. (Vila/OFC, PGP, angst)
  • Disarmament - Avon returns from a 'Scorpio' mission in a state of violent paranoia and the others realise that he needs help, fast. Soolin volunteers to try to get close enough to him to do something. But he'll kill her if she goes armed... (Avon/Soolin, hurt/comfort, angst)
  • Cup Fever - Avon and Cally are exposed to a nasty virus while stranded at a deserted rebel base, and the first symptoms show up in some inaccessible places. Avon has trouble approaching the matter objectively... All wrapped up with a silly slice of life on-board! (Avon/Cally, humor)
  • Painful Sacrifices - A facetious alternative ending for the episode "Orbit". Avon and Vila find that the only thing between them and safety on the Malodaar shuttle is the combined weight of their clothes. (Avon/Vila, humor, hurt/comfort)
  • Smile for the Birdie - Vila suspects that Dayna and Soolin are sleeping together, so he installs a camera in their room. He finds himself getting more than he bargained for, and he's not the only one... (season 4 orgy, humor)

Reviews of Her Stories

[Painful Sacrifices]: Most of us have at least one episode of our canon that we'd like to alter. Mine is "Orbit", in which I don't so much mind that something very sad happens to Avon and Vila, more that they are both acting well out of character. Susannah's AU would be an eyebrow-raising scenario, but IMO no more out of character than the episode and a lot more fun. Basically, in the episode they are in a shuttle and have to lose weight from it fast, to escape planetary orbit. In the original, Avon very nearly kills Vila and throws him into space, before finding a different solution. Vila, naturally, never trusts him again. But here they find something else to jettison…. This gives you some idea what, so don't read it if you prefer things in order [1]

[Smile for the Birdie]: In celebration of B7 being reactivated as a major fandom on here, my first rec will be something light and fluffy and wonderfully smutty. [snipped] Like I said, this piece is wonderful, fluffy, smutty fun. And well-written too, which isn't easy when you're doing orgy fic of all things! In the story, Vila installs a camera in Dorian's bedroom as he suspects Soolin and Dayna are having an affair, and things progress from there. I know the theme sounds terribly dodgy, but here it's handled with refreshing humour--you can't stop grinning while reading this. It's a rare instance of orgy fic that *works*. All the characteristic dry wit of the B7 crew is to be found in the dialogue, coupled with hilarious fumbling and smut. The girls are clever and wicked, the guys confused and silly in their lust, whilst everyone stays firmly in character. And oh, did I mention it was as hot as hell, too?:)

This one has got f/f, het, m/m, the works. There's something for everyone here--good characterisation, good smut, good belly laughs. Get thee hence: [2]


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