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Title: Starbase M.T.L.
Publisher: Star Trek Montreal, a fan club
Editor(s): John Spires
Date(s): 1977-1979
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Starbase M.T.L. is a gen Star Trek: TOS Canadian quarterly clubzine It has the subtitle: "The Montreal Trekker's Log." There are seven issues.

a 1977 flyer, printed in a McGill University science fiction student-produced zine called "The Thousandth Man"


Starbase M.T.L. is a clubzine, and I believe it to be one of the best club 'zines I've ever seen. There is something for everyone, and the editors are always encouraging submissions. The policy has become, starting with issue #6, to reprint one of the better American stories in each issue for the benefit of new fans and Canadian fans who may not have had the opportunity to read some of the earlier stories. Maybe editors of these out-of-print stories can submit them to 'Starbase M.T.L. Ever improving, coming out on a steady schedule, this 'zine will undoubtedly continue to be enjoyable reading. [1]


Issue #6 contains a story, "A la récherche de l'avenir" by Genevieve Lapierre, that is a responsefic to The Rack that was written without permission or approval. In "A la Recherche de l'Avenir", Spock is gay and has a lover, a minor character from the original story. "The Rack's" authors wrote a lengthy personal statement regarding this story in Scuttlebutt #16.

General Reactions and Reviews

Issues #3 and #4 are good offset reproduction, the layout is nice, the art adequate, and there's enough variety of content to please everyone, but I think the $2.00 plus .50 postage is a bit high for a 22-32 page zine. Club president, Bruce Gilmour, expressed a desire to improve the zine, include more fiction and poetry and will accept submissions from anybody, anywhere. At publication, however, first priority will be given to Canadian club members... I'll echo his plea to all of you North American fen who are keeping your stories locked up in desk drawers. For ALL fen, Stateside included, remember LoCs and constructive criticism is appreciated by every zine ed and lets them know what you want to see. [2]

Issue 1

Starbase M.T.L. 1 was published in 1977.

Issue 2

Starbase M.T.L. 2 was published in 1977.

Issue 3

Starbase M.T.L. 3 was published in Fall 1977 and contains 26 pages. The art is by Susan Armstrong, Maureen Whitelaw, Wendy Pearson, Barry Tremain.

cover of issue #3

Other contributors: John Spires, Bruce Gilmour, Howard Naud, Judith Fett, Linda Huntoon, Jeffrey Marcovitch, May Jones, David Wax, Fernando Vieira, Lorne Shapiro.

  • club news and notices
  • con reports of the S.T. AmeriCon by Judith Fett, Linda Huntoon
  • a con report for the Second Empathy Con by May Jones
  • a book review, New Voyages #2, by W. Pearson
  • puzzles
  • a comic strip
  • one fan fiction story called "A Matter of Opinions" by Roxanne Deslongchamps
  • Message from the Commander by B. Gilmour
  • Leonard Nimoy Speaks by Jeffrey Marcovich
  • Report on Star Trek II by John Spires
  • The Trouble with Tribbles by B. Tremaine
  • We Wish to Serve by Jennifer Ferris

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

See reactions and reviews for A Matter of Opinions.

Issue 4

Starbase M.T.L. 4 was published in winter 1978. It has art by Bernard Reischl (front and back covers), Barry Tremaine, Linda Huntoon, and Lorne Shapiro.

front cover of issue #4, Bernard Reischl
  • Editor's Notebook by John Spires (1)
  • T.L.F.C. Report by Howard Naud (2)
  • The Real McCoy by Benjy Eliasoph (4)
  • Lonely Traveler, art by Bernard Reischl (5)
  • Review of Star Ship Invasions by Benjy Eliasoph (6)
  • Near Misses by J. Robinson, Benjy Eliasopy, and B. Quicke (7)
  • Verbal Shorthand: Assinngment Earth by B. Stewart (11)
  • U.S.S. Enterprise: Past, Present, Future, art by B. Reischl (12)
  • The One That Got Away by Bob Quicke (13)
  • "Aftermath," fan fiction by J.S. Lee. (15)
  • "Uhura's Choice," fan fiction by Wendy Pearson ("This two page short-short presents the ideal mate for the Swahili Communications Officer, but loyalty to the Enterprise wins out and Uhura lets him go.") [3]) (26)
  • Close Encounters Maze by F. Vieira and B. Tremaine (28)
  • Trouble with Tribbles Maze by Linda Gorman (29)
  • Aliens, Monsters, and Other Creatures by W. Pearson (31)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

See reactions and reviews for Aftermath.

Issue 5

Starbase M.T.L. 5 was published in 1978 and contains 54 pages. This fanzine contains 16 stories,poems, photos, and puzzles.

over of issue #5
  • reviews of a number of pro novels, and a rebuttal to a review of a pro novel from an earlier issue
  • Aftermath, fiction by J.S. Lee
  • In Defense of Close Encounters by Paul Schrata
  • It's a Dog's Life by Artaxerxes
  • artwork
  • poetry
  • a con report and photos from the February Star Trek convention in New York City, see that page
  • notes on how to write a sonnet
  • Con Games by B. Quicke
  • The Logical Thing to Do by Jackie Robinson
  • CBS-SF? by Melissa Thomas
  • Little Boy Lost by Cassiopia

Issue 6

Starbase M.T.L. 6 was published in 1978 and contains 70 pages.

cover of issue #6
  • Editor's Notebook by John Spires (2)
  • Input/output, letters (2)
  • Transportation of the Future, art by Bernard Reischl (a cartoon comparing various types of spaceships, ending with a phallic shaped space ship for Flesh Gordon, see gallery below) (4)
  • The Healing, fiction by Marcy Gilmour, Illustrated by Lorne Shapiro (5)
  • Let's Hear From the Rank & File, fiction by Roxanne Deslongchanps, Illustrated, by Susan Armstrong (18)
  • The Guiding Light, poem by - Brian Stewart (29)
  • The Evolution of "Slaver Weapon" article by Melissa Thomas (30)
  • Diaspar, art by Barry A. Tremaine (surrealistic science fiction art) (32)
  • Maiden Voyage, fiction by J.S.Lee, Illustrated by Barry A. Tremaine (34)
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before, poem by Crystal Ann Taylor (41)
  • Pieta, art by Wendy Pearson (poetry and art, see gallery below) (42)
  • Pieta, poem by J.S.Lee (42)
  • Brother's Keeper, fiction by Ruth Berman, Illustrated by Susan Armstrong (Reprinted from T-Negative 15 by permission of the author; also in Deck Five Digest #1) (43)
  • Sonnet to a Ship's Doctor, poem by J.S.Lee (46)
  • Aftermath, pt. 3, fiction by J.S.Lee, Illustrated by Wendy Pearson (47)
  • A la récherche de l'avenir, fiction by Geneviève Lapierre, Illustrated by Wendy Pearson (54)
  • Fanzine Reviews by Wendy Pearson (Alnitah 7, Epilogue, Pt. II, Organian Questor 4, The Beast: A Star Trek Tale and The Thousandth Man - see those pages (62)
  • Book Reviews by Wendy Pearson (65)
  • Meditation on the Death of a Friend, poem by Gifford Owens, Jr. (60)
  • Silent Running, art by Bernard Reischl (cartoon artwork for the film Silent Running) (61)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

See reactions and reviews for A la récherche de l'avenir.

Issue 7

Starbase M.T.L. 7 was published in Summer 1979, contains five stories and is 76 pages long. Art by Susan Armstrong and Bernard Rischl.

cover of issue #7, Bernard Reischl
  • Editor's Notebook (2)
  • Two by Two by Jeremy Edward (2)
  • Input/Output, letters (3)
  • Sonnet to a Human Teacher, poem by J.S. Lee (7)
  • Shakespeare in 'The Conscience of the King' by Cathy Tribble (8)
  • Then to Piece the Broken Chain by Nancy Kippax and Bev Volker (9)
  • Tomorrow is Yesterday by Bernard Reischl (20)
  • Fanzine Reviews by Melissa Thomas (21)
  • Book Reviews by Melissa Thomas, Lillian Moir, and Wendy Pearson (25)
  • Sonnet to a Vulcan, poem by J.S. Lee (27)
  • Aftermath, Part 4 by J. S. Lee (48)
  • But Who Will Guard the Guardian? by Roxanne Deslongchamps (28)
  • Star Wars: Racism as Science Fiction by Henry Srebrnik (58)
  • Con Report for Empathy Stag Con, by May Jones (60)
  • A Broken Bubble by Cassiopeia (62)
  • Prelude by Jeremy Edward (64)
  • Transportation of the Future, part three by Bernard Reischl (73)
  • Why "Trekker" by Lillian Moir (74)
  • The U.S.S. San Diego Bernard Reischl (75)


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