Aftermath (Star Trek: TOS story by J.S. Lee)

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Aftermath
Author(s): J.S. Lee
Date(s): 1978
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Aftermath is a gen Star Trek: TOS story written by J.S. Lee.

It was published in 1978 in the Canadian club zine, Starbase MTL #4.

Reactions and Reviews

A continuing story and the best thing in the zine. Beginning shortly after the incident in Claire Gabriel's 'Ni Var' [in Star Trek: The New Voyages] , the Enterprise is on a mission to locate a missing scoutship, and the opening shows a nice interplay between the top officers. The, the debris of the missing ship is located, the Enterprise is attacked and critically damaged by an alien spaceship. Several crewmembers are killed, many wounded, and Kirk is seriously injured and may be dying. Spock assumes command, manages to escape the alien vessel and brings the ship back to a starbase. At this point, after the attack, the story begins to go downhill. The action is jumpy and hard to follow, the characters are wooden, and the tale loses its 'feeling.' The crew blames Spock for an action he had to take to escape -- and action which I practically missed and had to go back and read again to see what he did. McCoy thinks Spock wants Kirk to die (?!) and Spock, of course, drives himself and keeps his feeling and worries under his determined Vulcan facade. At the starbase, Kirk is moved to a hospital where his fate is still uncertain, Spock is promoted to Captain of the Enterprise with Scott as his First Officer. Then comes the inevitable words... to be continued. [1]


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