More Future Visions

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Title: More Future Visions
Publisher: Gamin Davis
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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More Future Visions is a 200-page gen and het (Spock/Chapel) anthology by Gamin Davis. A related zine is Visions of Futures Past.


Welcome to my third fanzine, or rather Bill's third fanzine featuring a collection of my stories and artwork. I would like to thank Bill again for his patience in putting up with me for the time it took to put this zine together.

Stories herein range from pre-series to post-ST:TMP (my preferred time period), and the longest, most time-consuming one to write was "Tashirya" — my first attempt at action/adventure in several years. As always, I encourage readers to write me at the address below with any comments. Of the several significant things to affect me during my work on this zine, unquestionably one of the most tragic and shocking was the sudden and totally unexpected death of Gene Roddenberry. As the years have passed, fewer and fewer people outside Star Trek fandom have seemed to share his hopeful vision of the future, but he lived to see it begin to come true in the form of Communism dying, democracy spreading across the world, and a general movement away from the nuclear armageddon everyone was worried about when Star Trek was Btill being produced (and away from the World War III it mentioned at least once). I credit him with believing in humanity when everyone else doubted it, which makes his vision all the more special. I first saw Star Trek when I was twelve years old; he was responsible for much of my personal philosophy and the values I now try to live by. Because of him, I too hold out hope for the future and have rebuffed the best efforts of the world around me to turn me into a jaded cynic. And without Mr. Roddenberry's vision and inspiration, neither I nor the thousands of other creators of Star Trek fan fiction and artwork around the world would have any motivation to do what we do.

Therefore, with gratitude for the part he and his creation have played in my life, I hereby dedicate More Future Visions to the memory of Gene Roddenberry, which will live forever in the minds and hearts (and works) of his fans.


A Time to Heal - a sequel to the episode "Return to Tomorrow", dealing with something that happened between Henoch and Christine, and how Spock helps her begin to recover from it. (Spock/Chapel) (1)

For Duty's Sake - Spock's post "Amok Time" reflections on his childhood as told to Kirk, focusing on his relationship with T'Pring and a bonding neither of them really wanted. (16)

A Light in the Darkness - A story set after ST:TMP in which Spock is blinded in an accident on the Bridge and must face the possibility of having to leave his home and his friends on the Enterprise forever. (84)

Tashirya - set a year after ST:TMP. Spock is kidnapped by Kor to be used as a test subject for a new type of mind-sifter intended to be effective on Vulcans and others with mental shielding ability. Spock becomes involved with the half-Human/half Romulan creator of the new mind-sifter -- who also happens to be the daughter of the Romulan Kirk once defeated in battle (in "Balance of Terror") (122)