Spock's Showcase

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Title: Spock's Showcase
Publisher: Nimoyan-Spock's Scribes
Editor(s): Sarah Cornelie "Sam" Cole
Date(s): 1968-1969
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Spock's Showcase is a gen Star Trek: TOS newsletter of articles, fan club info, fiction and photos.

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Issue June 1968

Spock's Showcase was published in June 1968 and contains 34 pages.

front cover
  • Letter from Sam (3)
  • Spoctacular Meeting by Linda Stanley (7)
  • Introducing Mrs. Gloria Lilibridge, LNNAF Vice President (12)
  • UNICEF by "Sam" (6)
  • Fudalian Awards by Jeannie Fudala (13)
  • Actor Issue #4: Georg Takei by Toni Gourd (14)
  • Crew Member: Lt. Sulu by John Mansfield (15)
  • Spotlight: Jerry Bixby by Jerry Bixby (16)
  • Sensor's Scan by Jari Wood and Alan Cole (18)
  • Southwestercon by Larry Herndon (20)
  • Sama Luna Reports by Sama Luna (21)
  • Ambassador of Good Will by Debbie and Heenah (23)
  • Rules for Ambassador by Debbie and Keenah (24)
  • Star Trek Reviews by Donna Page (25)
  • Star Trek Reviews by Debbie Morrison (27)
  • Star Trek Reviews by Eileen Berger (28)
  • Know Not Mr. Spock by Suzann Hughes (29)
  • What Am I by Am by Gella Toliver (30)
  • Gripes by Everyone (31)
  • Puzzle by Rebecca Olde and Co. (32)
  • Favorite Honorary by International Council of F C'S (34)
  • Fan Club Page

Issue Aug/Oct 1968

cover of another issue of a 1968 issue with 30 pages
toc of issue 1968 issue with 30 pages

Spock's Showcase was published in Aug/October 1968 and contains 30 pages.

  • Sam's Letter (1)
  • Leila, poem by Suzann Hughes, drawing by Alan Cole (2)
  • Shakespeare Visited and Revisited by Helen Bauch, photo by Dot Fenger (3)
  • A Name is a Name is a Name by Sam (5)
  • Introducing Mark Lenard by Mark Lenard and The Cartel (7)
  • Get to the Point (9)
  • Get to the Point and Vera on Nielsens by Vera Heminger (10
  • Hail to the Lizard Leader by Sama Luna (11)
  • Operation Green Avalanche -- Star Struck Housewife, clipping from the Seattle Times (12)
  • Introducing Rick Carter by Vera Heminger (14)
  • August 30th by Sam (16) ("Anyway the day arrived. Susan baked the cake,Yummy! Each of the girls brought two bottles of pop each and either chips, candy or nuts. Janan Kuhn made cookies. Susan was here at 4 help with last min. things. By 5:45 everyone was here. We surprised Rebecca by having her birthday at the same time. Alan had strung balloons on the crape paper. Each balloon had a no. in it that corresponded with a prize. Clothes pins in a bottle determined who broke the first balloon and so on. Every one had a hat, including Popoki [the cat], and two balloon noisemakers. Mother fixed the Hot Dogs and we stuffed ourselves to the Beatles, Monkees, Humperdink, and the like, with Alan running the phono. When STAR TREK came on you could have heard a pin drop, it was so quiet. These girls aren't kidding when they say they like STAR TREK. Scronch of nuts and candy during commercials but not during the show. After STAR TREK everyone helped themselves to what they wanted to eat, while Alan played more records. We played the 1st and 2nd albums by LEONARD NIMOY and the 45 that had two of the songs from his new album. [She describes opening a letter and getting a document that says "To the 'Hobbit of the Year' S. Cornellie Cole. This award for being so great from 'There and Back Again' Chapter of LNNAF.].... I had to wait 40 years for a thrill like this and it was worth it I can tell you! Ever since I read the first Hobbit book as a girl (yes, Susan I was once a girl.; I was at heart a HOBBIT. Now it is OFFICIAL even to a name, SAMWISE GAMGEE." }}
  • August 30th and Happiness Is by National Ding-a-Ling (17)
  • Dr. McCoy Show -- Untils by National Ding-a-Ling and Linda Stanley (18)
  • T'Aliesen by T'Aliesen (19)
  • Sensor Scan by Jari Wood, drawings by Alan Cole (21)
  • James Blish -- Writer Issue #5, Star Trek Items on the Market by Charleen Daniels (24)
  • Reviews and Happy Birthday (25)
  • My Column and Crossword Puzzle Answers by Jeanie Fudala (28)
  • Fan Club Directory by Betty and Sam (29)

An Issue in 1968

Spock's Showcase (1968, unknown month, contains 36 pages)

Issue March 1969

cover of the March 1969 edition

Spock's Showcase (edition published in March 1969 contains 45 pages) It included Polaroid-style black-and-white photos of Leonard Nimoy and others.

  • Letter to Members by S. Cornelie Cole (Sam) (1)
  • WInter Carnival (3)
  • So... Wouldn't You? by Peggye Vickers, president of the LNNAF (4)
  • Pictures -- The Nimoys and Mrs. Vickers, Spock and Amanda, Sam (7)
  • Biography of a Retarded Genius by Mrs. Sandi Thompson, UNICEF Chairman (10)
  • Stage 9 = Cloud 9 by Mrs. Beryl Van Riper (13)
  • Australia Reports by Miss Linda Price (17)
  • Distances in Space by J.L. Wood (18)
  • What is a Space Kook? by Flutnick the Klingon (Carol Lee) (21)
  • A Visit to the Future by Maggie Rose (22)
  • Dinah Shore Fan Club by Kay Daly, president (25)
  • Illustrated Joke by Janet Mortorano (26)
  • Day of Days and Read About Roger by Lynn Griffin, president (27)
  • The Naked Time by Linda Stanley (29)
  • A Surrealistic Dream by Suzann Hughes (30)
  • Get the Point (Revised) (32)
  • A Spaceman's Life by J.L. Wood (34)
  • Kingdom of the Night by J.L. Wood (35)
  • The Truth About Alone by Jean Ellenbacher (35)
  • Only the Vulcans Know for Sure! by Linda Stanley (36)
  • Ambassador Propaganda by Bette Ferrans, Secretary-Chariman (38)
  • What is a Fan Club by "Sam" (39)
  • Membership of a Fan Club by Mrs. Jean L. Crocker, president of ICFC (39)
  • Ads and Personals (44)
  • Sama Luna Coloring Contest (46)
  • cover by Betty Reves, interior art by Jean Ellenbacher

Issue June 1969

Spock's Showcase was published in June 1969 and contains 36 pages.

front cover
  • Letters to Members by S. Cornelie Cole (Sam) (1)
  • Here a Letter, There a Letter (4)
  • Leonard Nimoy's Newsletter from the LNNAF (5)
  • A Funny (Wonderful) Thing Happened on the Way to May, I Saw Leonard Nimoy in April! by Peggye Vickers (8)
  • UNICEF by Sandi Thompson, UNICEF Chairman (11)
  • Nimoy vs. Spock by Mille Poh., pub dir of LNNAF (12)
  • Message from Mandi and Sam (15)
  • Illustrated Joke by Janet Mortorano (16)
  • David Gerrold Answers Your Questions, see that page (17)
  • Winners fo Points Contest (19)
  • Warren Stevens by Viola Meyers (20)
  • Love, a poem by Debbie Kuhn (22)
  • Meet Lovely Barbara Eden by Lee Cunningham (23)
  • Presenting Miss Joyce Jillison by Lee Cunninghame (24)
  • Personals (27)
  • Ads (29)
  • Questions (32)
  • Suggestions and More Questions (33)
  • Favorite Honorary Contest Ballot (35)