David Gerrold Answers Your Questions

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Interviews by Fans
Title: David Gerrold Answers Your Questions
Interviewee: David Gerrold
Date(s): June 1969
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Star Trek: TOS
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David Gerrold Answers Your Questions is an interview of David Gerrold done in June 1969 for Spock's Showcase.

a page from the interview


No, I am not married. But I am considering it. My wife will have to be intelligent, compatible, pretty, a good cook, and willing to work if necessary. I don't think that is unreasonable.
I'm twenty-five years old. And quite good looking. There is a George Barr sketch of me in the Star Trek Concordance. Applicants for the position of fiancé may write me at the enclosed address. [address redacted].
My favorite writer is myself. I know of no other writer who consistantly writes what I want to read. My second favorite writers are Robert A. Heinlein, Theodore Sturgeon, Isaac Asimov, Roger Zelazny and Sam Delaney.
Yes, I will finish the Metaphysical Hyena. Someday.
Who is the greatest SF writer of all time? GOD.
Yes, I would do a series of TV [on my own] -- but on my terms, not theirs.
The idea for the tribbles is roughly based on the rabbit problem in Australia.
I do not dislike Star Trek fans as a group. I do dislike certain individuals who have endeared themselves to me by their conduct. On the other hand, there are trekkies I do like....
No reason why a woman can't write science fiction. Women have a different viewpoint, and it is refreshing to see. I have already bought three stories from women for an anthology I am putting together.
Amateur fanzines can be constructive or destructive. It depends on both the writer, and the zine. They can be a good step to getting pro. Indeed, the border line between prozine and fanzine is getting ever thinner. Quality is no longer a valid criterion. I've seen many zines, such as Trumpet, which look better than some prozines. The only trouble is, is that a fanzine writer or editor is not as market conscious as he would be if he had to show a profit. That's good in that it allows him artistic freedom, but it's also bad in that it doesn't enforce a discipline on him.