Tomorrow is Another Day

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Title: Tomorrow is Another Day
Publisher: Star Trek Action Group (STAG)
Editor: Sheila Clark
Author(s): Lesley Coles
Cover Artist(s): Roo
Date(s): April 1979
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Roo

Tomorrow is Another Day is a gen Star Trek: TOS 55-page novel by Lesley Coles.

The cover is by Roo. It contains no interior art.


  • "Spock is seriously ill on Vulcan; the Enterprise is lost." [1]
  • "This is a strange story of a alien being of great power, and he forces Spock to cry and raises Lt. Craig Prentice to heroic stature. This has a lot of interesting twist that are difficult to describe. Also a lot of shouting in this zine." [2]

Reactions and Reviews

I read a zine recently which just knocked me out and I wanted to tell everybody about it.... TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY by Lesley Coles and published by STAG, a beautiful novella which, at first appears to be a Spock story, but which turns into a very moving Kirk-trauma story. Spock is suddenly and dramatically taken ill. He recovers but suffers a relapse and McCoy diagnoses a rare Vulcan brain disease. Kirk is stunned by the news but puts a brave face on it, even when Spock is transferred to a hospital on Vulcan - seemingly his only hope of a cure. Only to McCoy does the Captain let his true feelings show and there are two highly emotional scenes which I confess had me close to tears. Happily, though, Spock does receive a cure and is in time to rescue the Enterprise, much to McCoy's surprise and Kirk's obvious delight, even though I suspect he never really accepted Spock's departure as final. What I enjoyed most about the story was the extreme accuracy with all the characters and their relationships were portrayed, the medical and technical credibility and I found it so refreshing to have Kirk dependent on McCoy instead of Spock. So thank you and congratulations to Lesley and PLEASE write some more! [3]


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