Of Mixed Blood

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Title: Of Mixed Blood
Publisher: It is unclear whether Bill Hupe or Peg Kennedy agented/distributed this zine for other publishers or whether they edited and published the zines themselves. Check the copyright on the printed fanzine for confirmation.
Editor(s): M.C. Pehrson
Date(s): 1995
Series?: yes, see Cherish and The Chosen
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Teegar

Of Mixed Blood is a het Star Trek: TOS 199-page anthology by M.C. Pehrson.

It was illustrated by Teegar. It has the subtitle, "An Anthology of 7 New Stories in the T'Beth Universe!."

Includes Most of the "T'Beth" Stories

From a 1995 Ad

In past issues of More Missions, More Myths, M.C.Pherson published 13 stories set in her wonderful T'Beth universe, wherein Spock acquires custody of a daughter he never knew he had, Christabeth. He dubs her T'Beth. As a result, an entire saga has unfolded concerning the trials and tribulations of T'Beth's difficult life as Spock's unwanted daughter, a girl who has more tragedy in her few short years than most people see in a lifetime. These stories are part of a whole, but they also stand on their own. A list of the first 13 stories is published in this zine. Lauren Butterfield, Spock's on-again-off-again love interest, learns that Spock has returned to Earth to testify at Kirk's court-martial (after ST:TV.) But the Spock she knew aboard the Enterprise is dead. How can she expect anything from this man? SHADOW WORLD - T'Beth lied before the council of Elders on Vulcan at her vandalism trial. Now, at her father's urging, she's going back to confess and her punishment is the last thing she expects. IF THE TRUTH BE KNOWN - Spock's faith in himself is shaken when a psyche evaluation leaves him grounded from the Enterprise , but Lauren refuses to give up on him. OF MIXED BLOOD - T'Beth comes to live with her Aunt Doris on Earth, but her attitude brings trouble at home and at school. A CRY IN THE HEART - Lauren encounters Spock when he takes over the Enterprise . It seems Spock has not told her everything about the renegade Vulcan. VOICES AROUND THE CAMPFIRE - Spock returns to Earth and confronts T'Beth about her behavior. The subsequent camp out at Yosemite proves eventful for everyone. ONE AND TOGETHER - T'Beth can't accept the fact that her father is marrying Lauren Butterfield, and neither firmness nor understanding seem to have much of an effect on her.


  • Shadow World
  • If the Truth Be Known
  • Of Mixed Blood
  • A Cry in the Heart
  • Voices Around the Campfire