Cherish and The Chosen

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Title: Cherish and The Chosen
Publisher: Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy
Editor(s): Maria C. Pehrson
Date(s): 1996
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Cherish and The Chosen is a single-author 125-page anthology by Maria Pehrson. It has a color cover, is perfect bound and is 125 pages long.

front cover by Teegar
inside page, sample text

Summary: "A collection of new T'Beth stories from (see also Of Mixed Blood); primary characters are Spock, Kirk, and Spock's wife and daughter."

Part of the "T'Beth" Universe


  • I'll Meet You in Hell (1)
  • The Darkness and the Rapture (14)
  • How Fragile a Thing (35)
  • The House on the Hill (59)
  • One Her Own (74)
  • Nothing Special (82)
  • The Cherished and the Chosen (85)
  • Children of Eve (98)
  • Peace Offerings (116)