Romulan Exchange

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Title: Romulan Exchange
Publisher: T.J. Publications
Author(s): Karen Humphries
Cover Artist(s): J.D. Tribble
Date(s): 1980s
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by J.D. Tribble

Romulan Exchange is a 55-page slash Star Trek: TOS 55-page novel by Karen Humphries.

The art is by J.D. Tribble.

The novel is set in the first days of Kirk's command of the Enterprise.

Some of its content was also printed in J.K.S..

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

This story is not so worth remembering, it's a thirteen in a dozen story. Not specific good or bad, and like "Those who believe" too fragmental for my taste. The events the title refers to has got very little space in the story. The sex is good and hot though. [1]

ROMULAN EXCHANGE by Karen Humphries is a first-timer which recounts how Kirk, despite the realization of his emotional and sexual feelings for Spock, continues to ignore them in preference to his macho image and Tomcat reputation. The story basically explains how Spock finally wins his Captain to bed and keeps him. Here, it is Spock's portrait that differs from the series. He is more aggressive and certainly more willing to "go get 'im". Something the author deliberately intended, no doubt. I think your enjoyment of the zine depends upon your acceptance or rejection of Spock's character and as in everything, remains a matter of taste. [2]