Starfleet Mysteries

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Title: Starfleet Mysteries
Publisher: Pirate Writings (publisher); Bill Hupe (agent)
Editor(s): Edward McFadden
Date(s): Oct 1993 (first print run)
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Starfleet Mysteries is a gen Star Trek: TOS, DS9 and TNG anthology. It is digest-sized and contains 48 pages of mystery stories.

  • Forward and cover ill. by Edward J. McFadden (4)
  • A Puzzling Reflection by Chris Pourteau (Kirk has vanished and Spock is left to struggle with command as well as an impossible mystery. Where is Jim Kirk. A Classic Trek mystery in which it's implied heavily that Trelane will grow up to be Q.) (5)
  • Going Home by William Meikle (Scotty goes home to Scotland, only to find a poisoned King and many old memories.) (14)
  • Transformations by Brad Boucher (Odo is dying, but why?) (20)
  • Deceptions Past by Edward J. McFadden III (The eve of universal peace has ended, but the struggle for peace has just begun and somebody wants Jim Kirk out of the way.) (30)
  • Trick of the Light by Ellan Straw (Lights mystify the eye, stimulate the imagination. Or they can kill.) (37)
  • The Medusian Murder by Octavio Ramos Jr. (A Medusian is dead, and Picard and Sisco are left with three suspects and little evidence.) (43)