Angry Sunset

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Title: Angry Sunset
Publisher: T.J. Publications
Author(s): Jenny Elson
Cover Artist(s): Helen McCarthy
Illustrator(s): Helen McCarthy
Date(s): 1974, reprinted in 1975, third reprint in 1977
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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1974 issue, cover by Helen McCarthy
1975 reprint, cover by Helen McCarthy

Angry Sunset is a UK fanzine Star Trek: TOS novel about McCoy's divorce written by Jenny Elson. Like many first-time fanzines, this fanzine has no title page, no table of contents, and no date anywhere in the issue.

The 1974 issue has 30 pages. It has the title "Angry Sunset."

The 1975 issue has 40 pages and measures 9 x 10 1/2. It has the title "The Angry Sunset."

An Ad: And the Earliest Age Statement

An ad for the 1975 reprint, one which has the earliest known example of an age statement: "BY POPULAR REQUEST! ANGRY SUNSET is due to be re-printed in lytho, with artwork by Helen McCarthy. This is a full length novel by Jenny Elson concerning McCoy's marriage and divorce. A story of deceit, mental agony, and destruction. This is an ADULT story, and is available to members over the age of 15 ONLY." [1]


Reactions and Reviews

Probably the most unpleasant picture of McCoy's wife and his marriage that you will ever read. Interesting picture of a strong, long-time friendship between McCoy and Montgomery Scott.[2]

Well, I did wonder why the great Dr. McCoy joined Starfleet. 'Just on old country doctor' -- huh! This story tells it all. He could have gone on to become a great scientist but he dallied and was caught in the age-old trap. He has regretted it ever since. Humphr! Could have saved himself a lot of heartache if he had dumped her. I don't like Sarah but Joanna redeems that. And the heart-torn, world-wise doctor is the one we can respect, isn't it. This short work can be expanded. The author perhaps should revive it and make some passages more coherent. The time scale is also confusing.[3]


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