He Who is Close to Nature

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Title: He Who is Close to Nature
Publisher: Sashashar Press
Author(s): Leslye Lilker
Cover Artist(s): Alice Jones
Date(s): undated, but appears to be May or June 1977
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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He Who is Close to Nature is a gen 14-page Star Trek zine with one Sahaj story. Aside from the lovely wraparound cover by Alice Jones, there is no other art.

From the editorial: "'He Who is Close to Nature' is a supplementary publication of the fanzine, IDIC. This short story was written for a pre-reformation 'zine called The Time of Surak which will go into publication in the summer of 1977, but a limited number of copies of 'Nature' have been printed for the Sahaj fans. This cover, done by the magic pencils of Alice Jones, is suitable for framing."

The author says, "Sahaj, ten-year-old natural son of Spock and the Vulcan ambassadoress to Venturea, is sent back to Vulcan when his mother dies. He shows up aboard 'The Big E.' Instant clash between father and son, for not only is Spock repulsed by kids in general, but, as Sahaj is going out of his way to be obnoxious, this particular kid really turns him off."

Regarding "Thy Beloved Wilderness"

It appears there was a planned sequel to this zine, one which was never published. The author, who refers to it as "the infamous novel," in the editorial of IDIC #5 (1977) calls this zine "Thy Beloved Wilderness."

From a October 1976 ad in Off the Beaten Trek #2: "Still in production, a full-length novel co-authored by S by Leslye Lilker and Trinette Kern. Doctor McCoy takes his captain and Spock on a wilderness camping trip vacation that turns into a nightmare of survival. We really are trying to get this story ready for printing, but time hasn't permitted thus far. Between 200 and 500 pages with lots of illos by the authors. Send SASE's to Leslye Lilker..."

In the editorial of Sahaj Collected (December 1977), Lilker comments: "SASES for 'They Beloved Wilderness' are being held pending completion of hte novel, which is one of my projects for my period of hibernation [following the publication of IDIC #6 end of March 1978]. 'Wilderness' is temporarily shelved due to technical difficulties, and will not be published until things are ironed out."

Regarding "The Time of Surak"

"He Who is Close to Nature" was to have been published in The Time of Surak (1979)."

The editorial of "The Time of Surak" says that the story does not appear in the zine.

The statement from He Who is Close to Nature's editorial: "'He Who Is Close To Nature' is a supplementary publication of the fanzine, IDIC. This short story was written for a pre-reformation 'zine called 'The Time of Surak' which will go into production in the summer of '77, but a limited number of copies of Nature' have been printed for the Sahaj fans."

The statement from "The Time of Surak"'s editorial: "Due to various circumstances, partially related to the above paragraph in the editorial], I can not publish in here Leslye Lilker's "He Who Was Close To Nature". I apologize to those of you who were hoping to read that. Maybe at some future date Leslye will do the rewrite she wanted, and it will be printed elsewhere."

One might assume that a number of things may have happened which caused "He Who is Close to Nature" to not be in "The Time of Surak." These reasons may have something to do with the several year time period between when the story was promised for the second zine (The Time of Surak's expected 1977 publication date turned into 1979) -- differences of opinion in fanon, editorial opinions regarding the rewrite, a lack of interest and momentum, and any, all, or none of the above.

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