Heart Treks

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Title: Heart Treks
Publisher: JM Lane
Date(s): 1993-2000
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of issue #1 by Gamin Davis

Heart Treks is a gen and het Star Trek: TOS anthology.

"Author's Note: These stories are set in a parallel universe very similar to the real Trek universe where Spock is more open with his feelings - at least in privacy. Publicly he is all Vulcan."

Issue 1

Heart Treks 1 was published in 1993 and contains 171 pages. Cover by Gamin Davis; written and illustrated by JM Lane. Stories delving into the feelings of love and friendship between Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Christine Chapel & Uhura. Artwork by JM Lane and DM Anderson.

  • Historic Occasions - A 4-part novella of love & friendship.
  • First Love, Last Love - Spock marries, but loses Christine to death shortly after a daughter is born to them.
  • Christine Nightingale - Christine journeys to the 19th century via the Guardian to research her family background.
  • The Party - The Enterprise crew holds a Halloween party to mark the holiday, where everyone comes in costume. Three guesses how Christine Chapel will be dressed!

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Gamin Davis

Heart Treks 2 was published in 1994 and contains 250 pages. (1994) Another collection of stories centering on the love and friendship between Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chapel and Uhura.

  • The Right Decision, a novella featuring an alternate ending to "For the World is Hollow" in which McCoy decides to remain on Yonada.
  • That's a Switch - a gender switch involving Spock and Christine, Love at First Sight - the first meeting between Spock and Christine after she joins the crew.
  • A Dream Shattered, A Dream Fulfilled - Alternate version of "First Love, Last Love" where Spock shows up at Christine's door shortly after the death of his pregnant young wife.
  • Outside Help - Superman comes to the 23rd century on a time-travel mission and encounters the Enterprise.

Issue 3

cover #3, Gamin Davis

Heart Treks 3 was published in 1995 and contains 180 pages. Color Cover - The third collection of classic Trek romance fiction by JM Lane. Artwork by JM Lane and Gamin Davis.

  • Good of the Many - ("A sequel to the second and third films, a novella which begins shortly before Spock's death and ends shortly before the events of "The Voyage Home". It features the reaction of the Vulcan's friends and shipmates to his selfless actions and how they deal with their grief at his passing, then how they help him adjust to his rebirth after the events on Genesis.")
  • Puppy Love - ("Spock and Christine meet as children on Vulcan when her father is assigned as an assistant to his father, Sarek. The children eventually become close friends and Spock wants to bond with her, but Sarek refuses, having already chosen T'Pring. This cases sorrow and hard feelings and the Chapels transfer off Vulcan, causing Spock to vow that he will find "Chrissy" again some day and that when he does, they will never be apart again.")
  • Star Crossed - ("Christine is reunited with Spock aboard ship shortly after he resumes his career following his death and rebirth. Upon learning that his Time of Mating is approaching, Dr. M'Benga helps her to win him over.")
  • A Valentine for Christine - ("Valentine's Day on the Enterprise. Christine sets out to win Spock and eventually does so, but not without sorrow and hardship. Uhura helps her friend through her situation even as she becomes enmeshed in a romance of her own.")
  • (You Are) Nothing But A Sehlat (filk or vignette)
  • Pon Farr Hotel (filk or vignette)
  • Do You Know Me?/Do You? (The Answer) (filk or vignette)
  • Sweet Vulcan/Why Pretend? (filk or vignette)
  • M'Chejan (My Chosen) (filk or vignette)
  • Spock's Lament (filk or vignette)

Issue 4

Heart Treks 4 was published in 1995 and contains 90 pages.

From an ad: "The fourth and most risque (adult-themed) collection of stories by J.M. Lane featuring the relationships and feelings between the Big Three, Spock and Christine, and Christine and Uhura."

  • Great Experiment ("Christine and Uhura experiment with lesbianism after the female doctor's last traumatic confrontation with Spock, which forces her to leave die ship. But in the end it is Uhura who is the catalyst that brings Christine together with the Vulcan after sending him a love letter the latter wrote.")
  • Late Night Workout ("Christine has had it with Spock keeping her at arm's length and is determined to seduce him once and for all ... and gets her chance when they happen to be working out in the ship's gym late at night, around 0200 hours. But in the end she wonders just who seduced who!")
  • Sweet Revenge ("What happens when Christine learns that Kirk and Spock are lovers, men her reaction when McCoy tellsher thatthe Vulcan will still need a wife because he wants children.")
  • The Package ("What happens when Spock receives a large, mysterious package ... and Christine discovers what it contains.")
  • Thank You, Mr. Spock ("Uhura has an erotic dream about the Vulcan which disturbs her so much that she is unable to tell anyone but McCoy about it, even though both Spock and Christine suspect that something is bothering her.")
  • McCoy to Spock/A Sad Song (Hey Spock) (filk or vignette)
  • Longing (filk or vignette)
  • Flames of Love (filk or vignette)
  • A Sharing of Consciousness ("An adaptation of the TV episode "Return to Tomorrow" and how Christine deals with the advances of Henoch while he occupies Spock's body ... as well as what happens when she tells Spock about it once the incident is behind them. (Not to mention how she feels about their having shared consciousnesses!)")

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Heart Treks 5 was published in May 1996. It has a color cover and interior color art.

  • Love in Star Flight - Christine decides to make Spock jealous by ignoring him in favor of two new crewmen.
  • Stranger Than Fiction - A collaboration of JM Lane and her nephew, DM Anderson, depicting the adventures of our heroes when they are accidentally transported back through time and space to a 20th-century parallel universe, where they are befriended by two residents of that universe. The story covers 25 years of their lives, depicting their adventures, marriages and children, as well as the lives of the Enterprise command crew, including Christine Chapel, who eventually marries a Vulcan healer while serving on Altair VI in the main hospital as a Chief Surgeon.

Issue 6

cover #6

Heart Treks 6 was published in 1997 and contains 275 pages. Color cover by Gamin Davis; interior art by Gamin Davis and J.M.Lane.

  • Of Vulcan Bondage - How Spock, Christine and their friends deal with their mission and experiences on a planet run by hedonistic women.
  • Old Friends - Sequel to "Puppy Love" (Hearts Trek #3) where Spock and Chris meet on the Enterprise as adults and fight a growing love for one another even as they attempt to renew their childhood friendship.
  • Star Flight II - Sequel to "Love in Star Flight" (Hearts Trek #5) the continuing sage of Spock and Christine's marriage and children, Scott and his son, as well as McCoy's new marriage and child; their lives aboard ship.
  • Holiday Surprise - Christmas and New Year's aboard the Enterprise. Christine gets the wrong idea when she sees Spock and Uhura together (and ignoring her) for two weeks... but is in for a wonderful surprise during the shipboard Christmas party.
  • My Love (Song for Christine) (filk or vignette)
  • The Waiting is Over (filk or vignette)
  • All the Time (filk or vignette)
  • Please Wait for Me (filk or vignette)
  • Always... (filk or vignette)
  • Story of My Love (by Spock) (filk or vignette)
  • Why Can't I? (Christine's Lament) (illustrated, filk or vignette)
  • This is Loneliness (A Song for Christine, from Spock) (illustrated, filk or vignette)
  • ...And You Never Will (filk or vignette)
  • ...And I Am Yours (filk or vignette)
  • Entreaty (Spock to Christine) (filk or vignette)
  • Once Upon A Time (filk or vignette)
  • I Am Sorry (filk or vignette)
  • (My Love is) Like A Silver Bird (filk or vignette)
  • When Love Came (Christine's Dream) (illustrated, filk or vignette)

Issue 7

cover #7

Heart Treks 7 was published in 2000 and contains 175 pages. All of the stories are by J.M. Lane. The color cover and interior art is by Gamin Davis.

  • Paradise Rediscovered (Alternate vision of "This Side of Paradise" with Christine in place of McCoy on landing party and with Spock.)
  • Hostage Situation (Kirk, Spock and Chapel are taken prisoner by Romulans.)
  • Memories (After having outlived his Human friends, wife and parents, Spock looks back on his life.)
  • My Impossible Dream, filk (Christine to Spock)
  • Thoughts During Kolinahr, filk
  • My Heart Belongs to the Enterprise, filk (Kirk's song)
  • We Are Brothers, filk (Kirk & Spock)
  • Please Believe Me, filk (Spock to Christine)
  • Destiny, filk (Christine to Spock)
  • Spock's Personal Log, vignette
  • Such is the Life of a Fool, vignette (Christine's heartbreak)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

The combination of the sometimes unpopular of subject matter (Spock/Christine) and Gamin's unusual art style led to criticism of the series. The review zine Psst... Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Fanzine? was well known for its frank and often blunt reviews, however in 1997, the Heart Trek series received a particularly harsh and mocking review. Since it is the only review offered, it presents a limited picture of the series and how it was received in fandom at the time. Additional perspectives are welcomed and encouraged.

Excerpts from the review:

  • [on the sameness of the art]: "J.M. Lane is also .... the editor. She likes to label her art: "Christine Writing Amanda" or "Christine Talking to Uhura." A good thing, too otherwise it'd be mighty hard to tell just who all these stacked, bouffant-headed ladies are supposed to be. "
  • [on Gamin Davis' woodblock art style]: "...I don't know. Could she be working from the assumption that fans can be fooled Into mistaking lack of skill for personal style? I ask because she's the only artist I've ever seen draw Spock squishy and chubby-cheeked."
  • [on the cover art]: "The covers for both Heart Treks 3 and 4 are rendered in abrasive color."
  • [on the adaption of popular song lyrics into songs about the characters]: "There's, more, but promise to be nice and I'll only take your lunch money and stuff grass down your shirt; I won't make you listen to "You Are Nothing But A Sehlast,' or 'Pon Farr Hotel".
  • [zine layout]: While noting that there were some pages marred by cat hair and lint, the reviewer noted: "it is surprisingly clean. Some care was taken here."
  • [on the characterization of Christine]: "Each of Heart Trek stories is dedicated to the love between Spock and Christine Chapel. I sympathize with Christine. She desperately needs a fan in her corner, someone who watched the original [Trek] episodes and saw more than a Twenty-Third century Baywatch babe mooning over a certain Vulcan." However, the reviewer then takes issue with the writer's decision to have Chapel wishing that "she could become a lesbian. As she explains to Captain Kirk, "then I wouldn't have to endure the torture of a hopeless love!" While the sex scenes between Christine and Uhura are vague, the reviewer feels the sex scenes between Kirk and Spock are surprisingly detailed for a het story. However here again, the reviewer takes issue with Christine's actions as she spies on the two men as they have sex and then throws up. Additional events including a heart broken Christine's attempt to seduce McCoy and her decision to have sex with Spock solely in order to provide him with children leave the reviewer complaining: "Carrying tales, spying on someone in the privacy of his own bedroom, trading one's own and other people bodies like Monopoly money-the end always justifies the sleaze, as long as the end is Spock. Like the carefree lesbians referred to earlier, no one stays disgusted for long, and Christine always gets her Vulcan."