Black Magic (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Black Magic
Publisher: Tornado Press
Editor(s): Dale Kagan
Date(s): 1976-?
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Black Magic is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology with articles and stories edited by Dale Kagan and others.

Issue 1

Black Magic 1 was published in February 1976 and contains 78 pages. The front cover is by Kathy Bushman. Interior illos by DAK, Sue Durr, Kathy Bushman, Michelle Malkin, Kathy Surgenor.

It also contains original science fiction and fantasy. From the title page: "WHERE SCIENCE FICTION MEETS SWORD AND SORCERY."

cover of issue #1 by Bush; the art was also used for Plak-Two #10 in 1968

It was "dedicated to the 1976 New York Star Trek Convention, the end of the 5-year mission, but not the end of the voyages."

From the editorial:
Allow me to introduce myself, I am the inventor of the upside down middle staple! that little gimmick which keeps the last page of your fanzines from falling off.

For those wanting some background on this collection of
masterpieces, the idea for Starbourne began with a review by
 M.D. Glicksohn about Restoree (Kevas & Trillium #1) which 
complained about a technology of a starship having a crew
which sent messages to each other on slates. This is an
 example of sword and science out of hand. Sword and Science is a term coined by Lin Carter in an article which appeared with several Andre Norton paperbacks (The Sioux Spaceman, Star Guard or Star Born — I'm not sure which). Fantasy stories best exemplified by Lord of the Rings were very popular in a form called Sword's Sorcery. After a while fantasy began to creep into science fiction. Witches of Karres by Schmitz is an example of this sword and science mixture.

The idea for Starbourne culminated with my friend complaining that the warlock in "Dark Shadows" who called up spirits with incantations always lost control of them even after repeating "You are in my power." You will notice a comment on this in the story.
  • Editorial (5)
  • And from the Roumulans by Dale A. Kagan (7)
  • This Has Been a Test by Dale A. Kagan (13)
  • Does Your Favorite Character Measure Up? by Dale A. Kagan (25)
  • The Ultimate Solution G. Zimmerman
  • And From the Romulans... D. Kagan
  • Does Your Favorite Character Measure Up? Dale A. Kagan
  • The Prime Directive: A Short Dialogue L. Frankel
  • Starbourne by Dale A. Kagan (29)
  • Movie: The Neophyte (script) by Gail Abbott and Al Zimmerman (This was available for purchase on cassette tape or reel-to-reel 2-track mono (3 3/4 ips), see ad in the image gallery) (35)
  • A More Distant Star by C. Morrow (57)
  • The Prime Directive: A Short Dialogue by Linda Frankel (60)
  • An Illogical Trek or Whatever Happened to T'Pring by Michelle Malkin and Kathy Surgenor (reprinted from Vorpal Sword #3) (63)
  • The Ultimate Solution by Gail Zimmerman (71)
  • 'The Original Enterprise Incident' (review) by Dale A. Kagan (75)

Issue 2

Black Magic 2

  • “Scott’s Guide to the Transporter”
  • “Mystery at Starfleet Academy”
  • other unknown content