The Reality Barrier

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Title: The Reality Barrier
Publisher: Marion McChesney
Author(s): Donna Jardis
Cover Artist(s): Carole Swoboda
Date(s): June 1983
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Carole Swoboda

The Reality Barrier gen Star Trek: TOS 83-page novel written by Donna Jadis and edited by Marion McChesney. The art is by Carole Swoboda.

The zine features an original character named Gabrielle Grove.

Dedication: "To Leonard Nimoy, in gratitude for creating a Spock that we could spin such fantasies from."

Reprint Permissions

After Peg Kennedy took over Bill Hupe fanzine distribution business, Marion McChesney allowed the new company to distribute the zine. That ended in June 1997 when the reprint rights for all of Marion's zines were withdrawn from New Leaf Productions.

Vault of Tomorrow Special Editions

Sample Interior Gallery

Reactions and Reviews

Her [Marion McChesney] regular Star Trek anthology story collections were pretty much Hurt/Comfort gen. But her VoT Special Editions were not only adult, but either overtly or ultimately MARY SUEs. There is nothing ultimate about the Mary Sue in this novel. She is a Star Trek fan of the time who comes across Mr. Spock by the side of the road while driving about her day. It doesn't get much more Mary Sue than this!!! [1]


  1. ^ from an Ebay Seller in 2007