Elegy for Amanda

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Title: Elegy for Amanda
Author(s): Gamin Davis
Cover Artist(s): Gamin Davis for one edition, Chris Soto for another edition
Illustrator(s): Gamin Davis
Date(s): May 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Chris Soto
cover by Gamin Davis

Elegy for Amanda is a 89-page gen Star Trek: TOS novel written and illustrated by Gamin Davis.

Reprint Permissions

After Peg Kennedy took over Bill Hupe fanzine distribution business, Marion McChesney allowed the new company to distribute the zine. That ended in June 1997 when the reprint rights for all of Marion's zines were withdrawn from New Leaf Productions.

Vault of Tomorrow Special Editions


Presented in a new and more readable format, this is the Surak Award-nominated story of friendship and forgiveness in the face of family loss and conflict. Six months after Star Trek: TMP, Ambassador Sarek requests diversion of the Enterprise to Vulcan and medical aid from Dr. McCoy for his seriously ill wife; Kirk, Spock and McCoy arrive only to find Amanda within days of death. Kirk must help Spock cope with his mother's loss -- and somehow keep it from tearing Spock and Sarek apart before they, bereft of their only real unifying force, tear each other apart... [1]


  1. ^ the publisher's website; Agent With Style also uses the same summary