Enterprise Regained

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Title: Enterprise Regained
Publisher: Steve Wilson
Author(s): Steve Wilson
Cover Artist(s): Steve Wilson
Illustrator(s): Steve Wilson
Date(s): May 1984
Medium: print
Size: quarto
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
External Links: Enterprise Regained - A Star Trek Fan Fiction Novella (1984), Archived version
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Enterprise Regained is a gen Star Trek: TOS 45-page novel by Steve Wilson. It is a sister zine to Enterprise Lost.

From Media Monitor: "In 1982, when excitement over CLASSIC Trek ran high, DC Comics author Steve Wilson wrote this sequel to 'The Wrath of Khan.' Spock stayed dead, Kirk kept the Enterprise, and Lt Saavik found herself forced to fill the shoes of her mentor. When another starship is destroyed by an alien intelligence, Jim Kirk finds himself inexplicably mind-linked with the ship's dying captain. When the other captain is dead, Kirk's mind, believing itself dead, shuts down. Only Saavik can go in and bring her new Captain out."

There were at least 3 printings, with covers shown below. The 1st printing (May 1984) was the only one with that artwork. A 2nd printing in Aug. 1984 used new artwork, and omits the author's name from the cover (this cover is uncredited, but almost certainly by Wilson). A 3rd printing, of 200 copies in Aug. 1985, keeps the artwork of the previous printing, but uses a different design layout, which includes the author's name. Another slight variant exists (4th printing?) with a cover identical to the 3rd printing, but with a white background.

Fan Comments

... I haven't read it yet. All I know about this one is that Saavik is in it, (she wasn't in the other zine I bought at the same time) and I only paid a buck for it. So it may turn out that I got what I paid for. [1]


  1. ^ from APA Enterprise #21 (1984)