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Name: Steve Wilson
Alias(es): Steven H. Wilson
Type: fan artist and fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Steve Wilson (AKA Steven H. Wilson) is a fan artist and fan writer whose work has appeared in fanzines. He started out publishing his own fanfic in 1984, and quickly met Marion McChesney, Bev Volker and Nancy Kippax. He was adopted into (and later married into) the Contact_(Star_Trek:_TOS_zine) / ClipperCon family. Since then he has produced dozens of parodies for the convention stage, co-founded the Farpoint Convention, formed Prometheus Radio Theatre, which performs at conventions and podcasts, and established Firebringer Press to publish original works by authors from the fan community.

Steve has given blanket permission for his fanart to appear on Fanlore.

Notable Fan Fiction

Notable Fan Art