That's a Little Joke

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Title: That's a Little Joke
Publisher: Questor Press
Editor(s): Steve Wilson
Date(s): around 1985
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Dark Shadows & Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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That's a Little Joke is a gen Star Trek: TOS and Dark Shadows series of humorzines. They have about 6-10 pages each and feature spoofs, cartoons, and sometimes fiction.

From a 1985 Ad

"A (roughly) quarterly humorzine devoted to many fan interests - especially DARK SHADOWS and STAR TREK. Includes news articles, cartoons, advertisements and parodies. Regular features include two continuing serials: TODAY'S DARK SHADOWS EPISODE, and A STAR TREK/ DARK SHADOWS CROSSOVER, plus such columns as OL' BEN'S WEATHER and DEAR ABIGAIL."

Issue 1

That's a Little Joke 1

Issue 2

That's a Little Joke 2

Issue 3

That's a Little Joke 3

Issue 4

That's a Little Joke 4 was published in March 1985. This issue contains a Star Trek: TOS/Dark Shadows story.

Issue 5

That's a Little Joke 5 was published in 1985 and contains 30 pages. It includes a Star Trek: TOS/Dark Shadows story, some Mission Impossible


That's a Little Joke Collected was published in Spring 1985.