The Gallian

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Title: The Gallian
Publisher: Teri Meyer
Date(s): June 1982
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover by Mike Brown
back cover by Mike Brown

The Gallian is a 131-page gen Star Trek: TOS anthology by Teri Meyer. It contains fiction and art. Art is by Ann Crouch, Vel Jaeger, Sat Nam Kaur Keahey, and Mike Brown.

The Trekindex lists it as the "successor to Delta Triad."

The stories take place before and after the movie.

Boldly Writing states that this was Teri Myer's last fan fiction fanzine published.

Note regarding the zine's title: The Gallian is the name of a magazine read by Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock on the parallel Roman civilization world.


  • Reunion by Mary Louise Dodge (1)
  • Echoes by Laura Scarsdale (11)
  • 'twas the night before Christmas by Kate Birkel (13)
  • The Dream by Shirley Buck
  • The Meeting by Michele Arvizu (27)
  • Neither Heaven nor Hell by Tery Meyer (43)
  • Square One by Michele Arvizu (45)
  • One Final Touch by Susan Harris (130)


Reactions and Reviews

THE GALLIAN, edited by Teri Meyer. A collection of good, solid stories by the editor of INTERSTAT. Authors include Mary Louise Dodge, Kate Birkel, Michele Arvizu & others. The art and entire layout is very pleasing to the eye, especially work by Mike Brown, Sat Nam Kaur Keahey, and Ann Crouch. 'Course, I could be prejudiced, as I have a drawing in there, too. Only a few minor glitches, such as a mix-up at their printer with repro techniques, but still an excellent buy at $8 FC for 129 pages. Order from Teri Meyer... [1]


  1. from TREKisM #28