All My Crewmen

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Title: All My Crewmen
Publisher: Starbase Babel out of Salt Lake City, Utah
Author(s): a combination of Carol Andrus, Julia Howarth and Nerissa Wilhite
Cover Artist(s): Wendy Howarth
Date(s): 1976-1977
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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All My Crewmen is a gen Star Trek: TOS zine with three issues. It was a serialized novel written in soap-opera format.

a sample page from issue #1
front cover of issue #1, Wendy Howarth

The first three chapters of "All My Crewmen" was reprinted in Carbon-Based Life.

Issue 1

All My Crewman 1 was published in July 1976 and contains 8 pages. This first issue is by Carol Andrus and Julia Howarth.

From the ad in The Halkan Council #20/21: "Did Natira really have McCoy's baby?" The cost was twenty cents, plus two 13 cent stamps.

From the editorial of issue #1: "Hi! Welcome to the first chapter of 'All My Crewmen.' As you can see, this is no ordinary Star Trek story, but a real Star Trek soap opera, which will be continued as long as interest continues. We appreciate, welcome, and want comments and ideas. After all, we'd like this soap opera to come out as often as possible -- maybe even once a week -- and that's a little too much for three people to do all by themselves. With later chapters, we will include articles on the background of the soap opera as we see it -- our theories on Yonada, Romulans, anything else that turns up in the story. We will also publish letters commenting on the soap!"

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Oh, an odd, odd little fanzine, but I like it. This is the first of what the editors call a Star Trek Soap Opera. Surprisingly, the idea hasn't caught on until now, but I'm hopeful the eds can make this successful. The issue on hand starts out on a Romulan cruiser orbiting a planet. It isn't stated clearly, but evidently the Romulan is out of its home territory. The Enterprise takes up orbit along with a strange asteroid, but the ship remains unspotted. Meanwhile, back on the Big E, the action revolves around McCoy. They have come to see the people of Yonada disembark on their new planet, unaware that the Romulans have eyes for it, too. Joanna McCoy is added to the crew for flavor and just guess what kind of surprise Natira has for McCoy when he arrives? My, but those spacemen are fecund. Somehow this particular issue is weak. I have doubts if this type of zine could be made into television-type soap opera. Too many fanzines already have stories which could be classified as such, which would make this nothing more than a mushy melodrama in short serials. It might be much more interesting to see this type of publication used for cleverer purposes, say a satire, as much of the basis for Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is. Soap opera, because of the strong, and often unbelievably earth-shaking emotions involved, also seem well-suited to out-and-out farces. In this aspect, the adventures of Lt. Mary Sue in Menagerie classify as the real soap opera, although they won't have the structuring that All My Crewmen promises. In toto, this issue doesn't have a lot to say. What it offers is quite a number of jumping-off points for continuation but no cliff hangers yet. If they get more contributors and decide which direction they want to go with the format, it could really turn out to be a truly excellent zine, although the ditto may prove to be a problem as the circulation increases. Watch out, though, it DOES have great potential. [1]
"All My Crewmen- a ST soap opera - and as in all soap operas, there is a lot of things going on at one tine, and "All My Crewmen", is no exception. Sub Commander Tal is now Commander of the Romulan Cruiser Opportunity. He is watching the activity of Bala 2. The activity being: The Enterprise and a strange spaceship resembling a plantoid. Natria's people have reached their final gestational As Natira holds her son, she wonders how, her husband, Dr. Mc Coy will react when he meets her again and his son (of which he knows nothing), for the first time. Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise "Bones" is getting nervous as he tries to decide, how he feels about Natira. At the same time time Nurse Joanna Mc Coy, now of the Enterprise, finds out from Nurse Chapel, that "Bones" has remarried. Later back on the Opportunity, Commander Tal sends for the ship's physcian, Dr. Fabik, who bears a striking resembalnce to Mr. Spock, of course! So ends Vol. 1 of "All My Crewmen" Because I enjoy "All My Children", I found "All My Crewmen" mildly intersting The story showed some imagination, although the poor ditto made it difficult to read in places. [2]
Star Klique received the first issue of this very interesting fanzine. In Julia Howarth and Carol Andrus' own words it is a "Star Trek Soap Opera". The first chapter tells the events that happen when McCoy and Natira are re-united when Yonada finally reaches their destination. McCoy's daughter Joanna has seen assigned to the Enterprise on special assignment -- unfortunately McCoy has not told her about Natira. We won't tell you any -- find out for yourself. It's a good start -- I can hardly wait for more and will be sending my 25¢ plus two stamps to find out what happens next. [3]

Since zines can come in so many formats, it wouldn't come as a surprise that this one comes in a soap opera format. This soap opera starts with the Big E going to Bala II where the Fabrini descendants in Yonada are planning to move to. McCoy, who had "married" their high priestess/Natira, are now reunited, but McCoy's daughter, Joanna, is on the Big E serving as a nurse AND there were two surprises waiting for the Enterprise crew, one which might prove to be dangerous, as a Romulan ship is in the vicinity, undetected by the Federation ship...

The writing is pretty good: not quite in character, but somehow more believable than some fan fiction. The writers (there are 3) toss some tantalizing tidbits about future issues, like theories and technology of Yonada, the Romulans, & other great stuff, which should provide more diversity in the soapzine. Printing is good, in fact, excellent for ditto. ((Editor's comment: the copy I received was xerox.)) The ink is dark & the zine is easy to read, though it could be improved with some simple line drawings scattered here & there.

Content: 4 Layout & printing: 3 Overall rating: 7 [4]

Issue 2

All My Crewman 2 contains 18 pages. It was advertised in "The Halkan Council" #24 (April 1977). Ten-issue subs for $4.50 were offered.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Although this publication bills itself as the first Star Trek soap opera, that's misleading. Other serialized soaps have preceded this... but this is the first zine designed specifically as a soap opera zine. Unfortunately, this zine is still having problems getting off the ground. In this saga, McCoy has been reunited with his wife, Natira, and son, and they are helping the people of Yonada prepare to adapt to their new world. The story takes place on a number of levels involving various characters each with their own sub-plots, and complications. There is even a Romulan ship lurking in the background preparing a counterfeit Spock to substitute for the real item. As this story progresses, and more story lines are added, it may be necessary to write notes in the margin or keep a scorecard to keep everything straight. There is a summary of the precious chapters' contents in the beginning of the story which is a good touch. The writing still follows a little too closely on the heals of televised soap opera and relies heavily on dialog... showing little or none of the characters behind the voices. Another thing that is necessary for a successful soap is its regularity. If the editors get their show on the raod and set up some firm deadlines to produce a regular zine, it will help immensely. With a serialized zine of this sort, it's just too early to tell what it will lead into. "All My Crewmen' does show promise, however, and if you are interested in the soaps, give it a try, but you needn't get back issues to start on it. One quality of a good soap opera is in its ability to allow you to pickup in the middle of things and find enough of the story and plot already there that you can continue with it. [5]

Issue 3

All My Crewmen 3 was published in 1977 and contains 16 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

In this story so far the Enterprise is helping the Fabrin; to disembark on their new home world. Unknown to them a Romulanship has spotted-them and remains in hiding from the ship while planning to scheme/to substitute a Romulan spy for Spock. Somehow this issue of All My Crewmen seems less jangled than #2 was. A little more time is spent on each sub-plot, detailing it out. The scenes on the various ships are of particular interest in this issue. On the Enterprise McCoy battles with the idea, of leaving Natira and his son behind when the ship leaves orbit, and on the Romulan ship a nervous, Fabik wrestles with the idea of leaving his own identity behind and becoming a plant on the Federation ship. A few nice complications and the story(ies) end up nicely without leaving the reader dangling too much. At the back of the zine is a list of characters, the crew, of the Romulan ship, the Vonadi, and other folk. There is a description of the Romulan military system, or at least their version of Star Fleet. Then a letter column and a few bits and pieces of things (like illos and cartoons). Looks like All My Crewmen is shaping up quite nicely. I still think it could do to come out just a bit more regularly, but it has a good start. Recommended. [6]


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