Second to None

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Title: Second to None
Publisher: Oddbalz & Mayhem Press
Author(s): LRH Balzer
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): May 1996
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Warren Oddsson -- "Warren Oddsson's illustrations take my breath away( The cover of Second to None by LRH Balzar looks absolutely kissably life-like::wipes lip prints off of Chekov's face::.)" -- [1]

Second to None is a gen Star Trek: TOS 248-page novel by LRH Balzer. It has a sequel called Second Chance.

Set after the last 2 episodes of the 1st season & the 1st 2 of the 2nd (so, lots of spoilers for City on the Edge of Forever, Operation Annihilate, Amok Time & Who Mourns for Adonais?), this novel begins 1 week later. No connection in plot or theme to In the Hands of Others.

Summary from the publisher: ""Set early in season two, Kirk and Chekov go undercover to conduct negotiations on Castor, a planet where a marriage is formed by a triad of two males (‘firsts’ and ‘seconds’ who are considered the 'triad base') and completed by females who come and go. While Kirk's been working on his cover for two years, the newly appointed Chekov is a sudden replacement who doesn't know the language or the customs of the very people he's trying to fool... Note: Although this novel deals with adult situations, it is not slash."


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