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Title: Tri*Way
Publisher: Tia's Pals' Press & The Press Gang
Editor(s): Connie Crouch
Date(s): 1982, 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Tri*Way is a gen anthology. Both are 140 pages and both contain original fiction and mixed media based on: Indiana Jones, Doctor Who, Star Trek and others.

A 1985 Proposal

In Datazine #38, there was a proposed zine by Leah McGrew: "I'm looked for responses to a short run of stories from my original universe, The M.A.G.I. Files, which have been printed partly in "Tri*Way" and in a couple of other places. There will also be new ones, by me, as well as by C. Crouch and possibly others. Some of these stories have crossover aspects such as Man from U.N.C.L.E. and possibly others -- maybe even Batman! Plans are nebulous, obviously, as yet, but depending on response (amount, frequency, and swiftness) printing date might be anywhere from 8 months to 1987. Business sized SASE please."

Issue 1

Tri*Way 1 was published in 1982. The front cover and frontispiece is by CL Crouch, the inside back cover by Crouch and Leah, the back cover by John Barrow.

front cover of issue #1, Crouch
back cover of issue #1, John Barrow


  • The Unknown Soldier, a science fiction story by Jay Marchand, art by Ralph Pacheco (3)
  • MAGI Explanation by CL Crouch (13)
  • MAGI Structure by CL Crouch (14)
  • The Gift, a science fantasy story by Leah, art by Crouch (15)
  • King of the Fairies, an M.A.G.I. Files story by Crouch, art by Paul Locher (26)
  • Hard Stars and Earthsoil by Crouch (33)
  • Introuducing Richard Devon by Mr. Kim L. Neidigh, art by Regina Burchett (35)
  • The Lorelei Factor, Richard Devon story
  • The Sound of His Wings, a science fantasy story by Michael P. Bledsoe, art by Diane Neuman (43)


  • Song of the Three Crystals Indiana Jones story by Crouch, art by David Campbell (53)
  • Trial by Fire, a Star Trek story by A.D. Tschabold, art by Jody Laney (71)
  • Views from a Maze, a Star Trek story by Jay Marchand, art by Leah (83)
  • The Hawk Is Also a Phoenix, a Buck Rogers story by Mr. Kim L. Neidigh, art by George (105)
  • The Heart's Ordeal by Mr. Kim L. Neidigh, art by Douglas (112)
  • The Passing of Sherlock Holmes, a Sherlock Holmes story by Mr. Kim L. Neidigh, art by Douglas (114)
  • A Night to Remember by Jodie Kelley (115)
  • Gadmen from Oy! by Craig Keyzer (116)


  • TRI*WAY Showcase by Crouch (119)
  • Invisible Handicaps by Crouch (129)
  • Biotechnology, an essay by Jay Marchand, art by Leah (131)
  • Five Forgotten Facts about the I.Q. by Kim L. Neidigh (132)
  • Introducing the Players Society by Crouch (133)
  • And, Now a Word from Our Sponsor by Kim L. Neidigh (134)
  • Science Fiction Word Search by Dacy Adams (135)
  • Find-It by Dacy Adams (136)
  • Why You Got This Zine by A.D. Tschabold (137)
  • Cryptoquips by Dacy Adams (138)
  • The Loves and Hates of James Bond by Kim L. Neidigh (139)
  • Star Trek Coffee Quiz by Jay Marchand (139)
  • Puzzle Answer Page (140)

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Crouch "The First Doctor"
back cover of issue #2, Crouch "The Mirror"

Tri*Way 2 was published in April 1984. All art is by Crouch unless otherwise noted.


  • Glass Castle by Crouch (3)
  • Fragments of Yesterday by Leah McGrew (15)
  • Kansas by Crouch (26)
  • The Snow Stallion by Leah McGrew (28)
  • Lament by Crouch (42)
  • The Old Man by Paul Pence, art by Pat Breeding (43)


  • Unseen Circumstances by Jay Marchand, art by Leah McGrew (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Song of the Three Crystals, part two by Crouch (Indiana Jones)
  • Personal Log Entries by A.D. Tschabold, art by Pat Breeding (Star Trek: TOS) (97)
  • Never Too Far by Crouch (Star Trek: TOS) (99)
  • The Adventures of the Two Doctors by Jodie Kelley (Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes) (101)
  • Return of Cy by Michael P. Wright, art by Ben Dunn (Battlestar Galactica (1978) (112)
  • The Phoenix Egg by Leah McGrew (Doctor Who) (119)


  • TRI*WAY Showcase by Pat Breeding (125)
  • Spock Block by Crouch (133)
  • Misconceptions About Cloning by Jay Marchand (135)
  • Invisible Handicaps by Crouch (136)
  • The Only Time Machine by Crouch (138)
  • Trek Cartoons by Gennie Summers (140)
  • A Hideous Plot Uncovered by Jay Marchand (141)
  • Trek Trivia Crossword by Dacy Adams (142)
  • Science Fiction Animal Cryptoquote by Jay Marchand (143)
  • Darth Vader Maze by Leah McGrew (144)
  • TARDIS Maze by Crouch (145)
  • Transporter Malfunction by Crouch (146)
  • Puzzle Answer Page (148)
  • Inside back cover art by Crouch, "The First Doctor" (149)
  • Back cover art by Crouch, "The Mirror" (150)