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Title: Vulcanization
Publisher: Ruff & Ready Press
Author(s): Jeanne Elizabeth McGrew
Cover Artist(s): Michael Ruff
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Michael Ruff

Vulcanization is a gen Star Trek: TOS 128-page novel by Jeanne Elizabeth McGrew. It was edited by and has a cover by Michael Ruff.

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From the Zinedex: "It is loosely a sequel to Jeanne Elizabeth McGrew's "Pitchforks and Pointed Ears. Kirk and McCoy are still trying to deal with all the new Vulcans on board, and it seems that the Vulcan way is spreading enough to make all the Humans on board nervous."


  • Disemotionalization (p. 1-45)
  • Humanity (p. 46-70)
  • Emotionality (p. 71-99)
  • Humanization (p. 100-129)

Reactions and Reviews

Novel crafted of four related stories on a theme of the pros and cons of emotion and non-emotion. These are pretty entertaining, even though the McCoy character here is whimpering, hysterical charicature. A pleasant, but somewhat overdone, theme in all of these is the Vulcans developing a taste for teasing the humans, and the humans learning to like it.

"Disemotionalization" :All of Enterprise's Science section except for Lisa Hollister and Leonard McCoy have been killed and the replacements are all Vulcans. The humans find the constant criticism unnerving - not to mention a real, if undeseverved fear of nerve-pinching and/or tal-shaya. McCoy's plot to get even -- having all of the humans suddenly become super-Vulcan as an April Fool joke -- backfires when the Vulcans report an unidentified malady or possession of the crew and call on Intrepid for assistance. The joke becomes horribly true when Kirk and McCoy land in an alternate universe where the Vulcans have decided that all humans must be enslaved and forcefully disemotionalized in order to prevent galactic war. They escape the Vulcan brig through the ventilation system, but are caught and must watch Spock and Sarek destroy Enterprise before they finally convince the Vulcans to return them to their own universe. [Best line is Lisa's: "Do you know that humans fear the nerve-pinch so much that when you do it to us, we faint."]

"Humanity": Amanda persuades Lisa to consider Spencek's proposal of marriage. Spornak accidentally breaks Kirk's neck at ahn-woon practice, leaving McCoy as the only human on a landing party. Spivak tal-shayas a predator, rescuing McCoy but leaving him with nightmares of threatening Vulcans; uncharacteristically, McCoy asks Spock to erase the memory for him. A watching entity is upset that they killed the creature, and since it judges beings on their emotional gentleness, it has decided to kill all the Vulcans. McCoy talks it out of it by displaying his love for his Vulcan companions. This was pretty unconvincing -- no real set-up for such an entity.

"Emotionality": Lisa's friend Tony decides belatedly to fight Spencek for her, ending up in Sickbay and giving Lisa doubts about her engagement, which are assuaged by Amanda. On a planetary mission, race of androids telepathically paralyze the Vulcan contingent and kidnap Lisa (from whom they hope to gain the ability to feel), leaving Kirk and McCoy to rescue her with another long crawl through a ventilation system. Lisa is by now married and pregnant.

"Humanization": Enterprise is sent to investigate a colony run by Illya Solo, a human who has adopted the teachings of Surak. Since this can only seem like a good idea to the ship's Vulcans, the mission is divisive, causing suspicion between the Vulcan and human contingents. Spock and McCoy discover that Solo and his followers are planning to use the Guardian to introduce non-emotion 5,000 years back in Terran history to prevent all those wars. Solo kidnaps McCoy as hostage for a ship, and Spock must rescue him. Solo accepts Vulcan judgment, that his mind be rearranged to prevent further revolutionary action. Meanwhile, the Vulcan scientists have managed to create a device for eavesdropping on alternate universes, and they all do so. Bearded Spock of the ISS Enterprise has killed his Kirk and taken over, as our Kirk suggested to him. In Universe 2, the disemotionalized McCoy, a slave in Sarek's household, uses a contraband device to regain his emotions, but is caught and tortured for it by Spock, who applies night-long not-quite-tal-shaya as punishment In another universe, all Terran/Vulcan contact has been forbidden. McCoy's shuttle has crashed on Vulcan and he will be killed if found. Kirk persuades Spock to find and save him.[1]