The Berengaria Dragon

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You may be looking for Berengaria or the fan writer Beren.

Title: The Berengaria Dragon
Publisher: Empathy Publications
Editor(s): Dot Owens
Date(s): October 1981
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Berengaria Dragon is a 42-page gen Star Trek: TOS collection of stories and poems, including the title story of Spock on Berengaria.

The zine contains a some small uncredited illos. The cover is uncredited.

The original print run was 150.

inside text sample


  • The Berengaria Dragon by Elaine Thompson ("It was a lovely place for shore-leave and Kirk was enjoying his ride on the "Jesat." Spock was quite content examining the local flora, until... Was that really a dragon? It couldn't be... or could it?") (1)
  • Voice of Darkness, poem by Sue Turner (9)
  • Hostile Territory, poem by Sue Turner (10)
  • An Eventful Day by Marjorie Hill ("Now where was that paper... why must things be moved, just when he needed it? Klingons and Romulans he could deal with but a female Yeoman!!!") (11)
  • I.D.I.C., poem by Sue Meek (15)
  • Kahs-Wan Child by Sue Meek ("Across the forge the little figure comes... The small boy's pace is steady, his steady, his steps determined. He has come far, but still has far to go, and weariness is beginning to catch up with him.") (16)
  • Anology by Tina Pole ("When Spock beamed aboard he gave Kirk more than just a shock... why would he want fabrication to 'churn out black negligee' and who would kill him for not having them? Something was very definately wrong...") (18) (Note: "Anology" and "definately" are spelled this way on the table of contents, "Analogy" on the story itself.)
  • The Allience Stragagy by Philip H. Evans ("An allience between the Klingons and the Romulans can only spell trouble for Kirk and his friends...") (26) (Note: "Allience" and "Stragagy" are both spelled this way on the table of contents.)
  • Isn't Life Strange, poem by Sue Turner (42)