When Le'matyas Sleep

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Title: When Le'matyas Sleep
Publisher: Wendy Rathbone
Date(s): 1985-1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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When Le'matyas Sleep is a Star Trek: TOS anthology of fiction and art.

The first issue was all het, and the second issue was het and slash.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Gayle F
the original drawing by Gayle F used for the cover of issue #1. In order to save costs, many zine editors turned color art into simple black and white line drawings. The title of this drawing is “Spock in Repose”
back cover of issue #1, Dragon

When Le'matyas Sleep 1 contains 78 pages and was published in October 1985. It is a "Special Spock Issue!"

From the editorial:
Hi, As you can see I've been busy again. When I get good material I can't refuse, I just have to do another zine. I'm like the thing that wouldn't leave.

Anyway, I've had a lot more positive response from this endeavor than I thought I would get. People do seem to be interested in the more 'romantic' story. I wasn't sure but I figured I wouldn't know until I tried.

I do not have any more issues of WLS planned but I am always looking for stories and poetry and artwork about Star Trek for my zine More Missions, More Myths and for my adult zines. (S.A.S.E. for info, on the adult Trek if interested.) When submitting manuscripts and artwork, please enclose return postage. I usually respond to writers and artists within three weeks or less. In fact, I always do.

From some ads: The publisher listed the following contributors: Jane Wray, Louise Pacheco, Twyla J. Peacock, Ann Zewen, M.C. Pehrson and more, and says, "An adult, erotic Trek zine featuring well-written, well-plotted stories plus poetry and art. No hard K/S; explicit sex but no age statement necessary... "

"Shore leave with humans is not Spock's idea of fun; Spock returns to Vulcan to take a wife; Spock & Chapel stranded on a hostile planet... plus poetry & art." [1]

"I never thought I'd do it, folks, but here it is -- a zine devoted to the lucky women in Mr. Spock's life. Much as I usually dislike this type of Trek fiction, these four stories were just too good to reject! They did not fit the specifications of my other zines so I created a whole new zine for them. 75% Spock/Christine. Some sex and violence, but no age statement required." [2]

Two of the stories in this first issue were originally going to be included in More Missions, More Myths #2, but were moved to this zine instead due to subject matter. From the editorial in "More Missions, More Myths" #2:
I feel there are a few things I should mention so people will not be confused. The flyer states that ["More Missions, More Myths"] would have two stories which, you will discover as you read, are not in the zine. The first, "A Time To Heal," by Louise Pacheco, has been moved to another zine. The second, "The Reunion," (now titled "A Logical Conclusion,") has also been moved to another zine. Both stories deal with strong relationships between Spock and 'another woman.' I felt that I did not want More Missions More Myths to turn into a completely 'romantic' zine and so created a new zine for the more relationship related stories involving love and marriage. These two stories will appear in my new, upcoming zine. "When Le'matyas Sleep." That more 'romantic' zine will have four stories in it, along with some poetry. All the stories are excellent, and the themes stress love and commitment, and I felt they would all go well together in one zine which would be a romantic zine. If you are interested in When Le'matyas Sleep, please send me a S.A.S.E. for my flyer. I expect to have it out some time this year. -- Wendy


  • Are We Having Fun Yet? by Jane Wray "Shore leave for Spock with the Enterprise bridge crew turns into a Vulcan's nightmare. Rest and relaxation seem light-years away! Will these wild and crazy humans never understand that Vulcans do not find these forms of recreation enjoyable? And, will Christine Chapel take advantage of a highly explosive situation?") (3)
  • Coimus (We Have Been United), poem by Twyla J. Peacock (17)
  • illo by Teresa Court (18)
  • A Time to Heal by Louise Pacheco ("Spock's loneliness is becoming too much for him to bear. But dare he take a human wife in deference to Vulcan tradition? Will it threaten the special bond between himself and Kirk? Painful emotions awaken to love in this in-depth look at the character of Spock.") (20)
  • art by Carol A. Pierce (36)
  • Pattern Trap, poem by Meg Fine (37)
  • illo by W.L.R. (37)
  • Cold Shock, poem and illo by W.L.R. (38)
  • A Logical Conclusion by Jane Wray, assisted by Twyla J. Peacock ("Spock and Chapel have been stranded on Alphard IV for over a year. The Enterprise, severely damaged by a Klingon warship, finally returns to the rescue. But the Spock they find is changed, almost wild. And Christine has become his lover. When they return to duty and their former lives, will their love be lost? Will Kirk disapprove of their unprofessional liaison?") (39)
  • art by Carol A. Pierce (46)
  • art by Carol A. Pierce (51)
  • Spock's Reunion, poem by Twyla J. Peacock (53)
  • illo by Teresa Court (53)
  • The Critical Interval by Twyla J. Peacock, sequel to "A Logical Conclusion" ("This long story details the year Spock and Christine spent together stranded on Alphard IV. Can Spock learn to accept living with a woman who has constantly pined after him since the first time they met? Will the tension between them destroy their chances for survival?") (54)
  • art by Carol A. Pierce (69)
  • art by Dragon (73) (same as the back cover)
  • When Le'Matyas Sleep, poem by W.L.R. (79)
  • illo by Kym Hansen (79)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

The highlight of this zine is a series of interlocking stories by Jane Wray and Twyla J. Peacock, which develop a Chapel-Spock romance. While these stories are highly sentimental and rather unlikely, the story ideas are so unique and the stories so well-written that I was enchanted by them. The characters in all the stories by these two women are both likable and admirable in their struggles for human decency and toward intimate communication. The only regrettable piece in the whole volume is a thinly-disguised Mary Sue piece by Louise Pacheo. The zine is handsomely designed and contains some marvelous artwork. There is a large variety of poems of varying quality, some excellent. [3]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #3, Sherry Veltkamp
photocopied front cover of issue #2, (probably an authorized reprint), Sherry Veltkamp
flyer for issue #2, click to read

When Le'matyas Sleep 2 was published in June 1988. It contains 8 stories and is 169 pages long. Artwork by Sherry Veltkamp, Jacquelyn Zoost, Virginia Lee Smith, and Shellie Whild.

The second issue has, what the publisher describes as, "soft K/S" and "homosexual situations." From the editorial in More Missions, More Myths #9: "When Le'Matyas Sleep #2 is due in June and will be an adult erotic zine, not K/S though one story does have K/S overtones. I am very impressed with the stories I received. Excellent writing and plots, as well as a little sexual excitement make the stories really worth reading in my opinion."

The zine was solely edited and published by Wendy, with her noting in the credits: "No support whatsoever, Della and Alayne."

Note: listed on the flyer but was not in the zine itself: "The Devil's Own" by M.C. Pehrson (Spock, having discovered and dealt with his twin and Dorian Wren, begins to suffer from severe mental problems as a result.)

  • With Every Fondness, poem by Janis E. Laine (3)
  • The Companion by Ann Zewen (Kirk and Uhura find themselves in an erotic situation after learning that the customs of a planet they are visiting involves aphrodisiacs and shared quarters...) (31)
  • The Hardest Lesson, poem by Romilly Kerr (47)
  • Twilight, poem by Twyla Peacock (49)
  • A Work of Art, poem by L.P. Santos (75)
  • Hell to Play by M.C. Pehrson ("soft K/S" -- Spock will die of pon farr unless Kirk does something about it. Problem: Spock refuses Kirk's offer of help because Kirk is male, therefore Kirk must find a way to become what Spock needs...) (81)
  • Second Born by M.C. Pehrson (sequel to "Hell to Pay" -- a female scientist, Dorian Wren, makes a copy of Spock's transporter pattern and recreates him into a childlike twin for her own pleasure.) (102)
  • Into the Shadows, poem by M.C. Pehrson (124)
  • The Healer's Price by M.C. Pehrson ("homosexual situations" -- Because of the transporter incident in "Second Born," Spock becomes mentally ill. He now lives with a healer on Vulcan whose methods of dealing with Spock are rather controversial.) (147)
  • Logic's Consequences, poem by Romilly Kerr (170)


  1. from an ad in On the Double
  2. from Datazine #38
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