Twin Tales of Trek

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Title: Twin Tales of Trek
Author(s): Mary Case and Carolyn Comings/Carolyn Huston
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1992 or before
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
External Links: Carolyn is now offering copies of the zines to those interested. Please contact her at crankybeach @[1]
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Twin Tales of Trek is a gen Star Trek: TOS set of two zines by two authors, Mary Case and Carolyn Comings/Huston.

The first one is "Just Another Shoreleave" and the second on is "Old, My Astroids."

"Two popular fanzine writers take the same story line and run with it without consultation."

The Premise

The premise of this zine is deceptively simple—two Star Trek authors, Carolyn Huston and her friend, Mary Case, took the same set of story parameters and each produced their own interpretation. Basically, it goes like this: After a grueling mission, Starfleet awards the ENTERPRISE crew shore leave on Earth. Uhura goes to Africa, McCoy and Kirk go to a mountain cabin and Spock decides to do computer research. That leaves Sulu and Scotty, who each have their leave plans fall apart at the last minute, so they decide to team up and travel the coast of California, camping out and exploring at their leisure. Sulu gets a chance to go scuba diving, something he enjoys but rarely had the opportunity to do. Trouble ensues and the command crew must reassemble swiftly to rescue Sulu and solve a problem encompassing communities led by survivors and descendants of the cream of the crop of the superbeings from the Eugenics Wars. Each author approached the story with a unique style and gift of story-telling. [2]

Issue 1

Twin Tales of Trek 1 was published around 1989 and contains 66 pages. It is called "Just Another Shoreleave."

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Carolyn writes a gothically/Mary, tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek. Sulu is lost while on shoreleave on Earth. The rest of the intrepid Enterprise crew comes to the rescue. The culprits? Eugenics survivors. Khan wasn't the only one, you know. One basic premise, two writers, and two wildly different stories. Mary Case and Carolyn Huston have sent Sulu on shore leave to go scuba diving, and he is taken prisoner by renegades left over from the Eugenics War. Join the rest of the Enterprise crew as they bank together to try to pull Sulu out of the mess. Both tales are written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. [3]
Carolyn Huston wove the more tightly drawn adventure story, integrating the best abilities of her characters into the action. I was particularly impressed with her portrait of Sulu and pleased she made him an active participant in his own rescue—not just a "shrinking violet" who sat around with a woe-is-me attitude. Many thanks for a good read. The second interpretation by Mary Case is a less serious action adventure. (At least by my perceptions.) Frankly, I liked her Aquamen better than Carolyn's cave dwellers and I especially liked Mary's wrap-up of the story. No loose ends here. Keeping with the lighter tone of her story, she has some very snappy dialogue. I think I'll borrow her phrase, "male chauvinist Tellarite," next time I find the need to express such a sentiment. This is not to say that Mary's story is all froth. There's a compelling subplot of Starfleet intrigue with a twist to it which really caught me by surprise. I almost didn't buy this zine because although I had met Carolyn before, I hadn't read any of her work. I'm sure glad I didn't pass it up!! Since I bought my copy at a Con, I'm not sure if she has different prices for mail order, so I suggest an SASE to find out. It was a great read, friends: I think you'll really enjoy it, tool [4]

Issue 2

Twin Tales of Trek 2 is subtitled "Old, My Asteroids." It was published in 1992 or before.

From ad in FYI Adzine #12: "Another back to back Twin Tale, by Mary Case & Carolyn Huston. The crew is scattered, some basically trapped in an unwanted retirement. Then a crisis arises that only the crew of the Enterprise can handle. Not I'm not going to tell you why or that it's a secret mission! Watch for one of your all time favorites in more than one role. So the new adventure begins. That's all I intend to tell, except a little hint... Remember Number One? No one knows much about her...but she was there in the beginning of the legend...isn't time we checked upon her? That's all I'm going to tell."

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Spock, Kirk, McCoy, and Scotty are in the old spaceman's home in Orion's Belt, Number One has disappeared, and Starfleet (sort of) calls them back to duty to find her. A special tribute to our freind, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, with Number One, Christine Chapel, and a very young Luaxanna Troi featured. A few other folks you'll reconize, too, especially if you know the old series... and Engineer named Jamie (remember, she was a kid), where did an old transporter chief go? [5]


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