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This is a page listing slash zines in Star Trek: The Original Series fandom. It was created before Fanlore had categories that would better fit keeping track of these zines.

NOTE: The list is not up-to-date. To see a list of all Star Trek slash zines listed on Fanlore, see Category:Star Trek TOS Slash Zines.

K/S Zines

The original slash fandom, Kirk/Spock zine fandom has flourished for more than 40 years; K/S zines have been published in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, France and Germany. Several publishers are still active.

Most of this list is based on the extended version of the K/S Zine database, as distributed by Beyond Dreams Press together with the Legacy zines, but any and all additions are welcome

For a list of non-fiction, gen and het, and actor-centric Star Trek: TOS zines, see the Star Trek: The Original Series/Fanzines wiki page or head over to the Zinedex.

If you have more information about a zine, please make a zine page for it or add to what's already there!

English-language K/S zines

Zine Title Publisher Year of Publication
Across the Night 1993(4?)
Act Five, Scene 1-2 Mkashef Enterprises 1985-1986
Act Five - Fantasies Mkashef Enterprises 1986
Aftermath 1st K/S Con Committee 1980
Against All Odds Pon Farr Press 1993
Alexi Mkashef Enterprises 1990
Alien Brothers Helena S. 1987
The Alternate Factor T.J. Publications  ?
Alternaties 1-2 Intergalactic Underground Press 1983-1984
Alternative: The Epilog to Orion Gerry Downes 1976
Alternative: Continuing the Epilog to Orion Gerry Downes 1979
Amazing Grace 1-4 Dorothy L. 1984-2000
Amazing Grace Special Edition Dorothy L. 1998
Another K/S Zine Entwhistle and Duck Productions 1982
And Another K/S Zine Entwhistle and Duck Productions 1983
Angel Unaware and other K/S Stories  ? 1986
As I Do Thee 1-21 Mkashef Enterprises 1984-1994
As Others See Us 1994
Astray In the Wilderness Village Press  ?
Before The Glory Kathy Resch 1988
Beside Myself 1-4 Merry Men Press 1989-1996
The Best K/S from the Net Beyond Dreams Press 2003
Best Little K/Smas Zine in Texas Houston D.O.B.s 1982
Between Friends Firetrine Press 1990
Beyond Dreams 1-9 Beyond Dreams Press 1999-2006
Beyond the Veil Pon Farr Press 1992
Bigot! Brother! Bondmate! Doreen D. 1985
Bi-Lliam 1-3 1980
Bittersweet Resolve JKS Enterprises  ?
Black Star Unrepressed Press 1983
Bondmates 1 Hiccup Press 2006
Brave New Worlds Crystal Constellation Press 1982
Broken Images Jumping Dik-Bat Press 1983
Brother's Keeper Bill Hupe 1990
California K/S Noel S. 1984
California K/S Foreplay Noel S. 1986?
Candlelight and Flames 1-2 Anna P. 1992-1993
Captives Diana K. 1981
Charisma 1-19 Wendy R. 1987-1995
Cheap Thrills 1-4 Relationship Press 1981-1982
Chi-sen-yai JKS Enterprises
Choices Gayle F. 1986
Classified Assignments 1-2 Janet H. 1981-1982
A Collection of Dreams Pon Farr Press 1986
A Collection of K/S Poetry Merry Men Press 1986
Coming of Age Pon Farr Press 1991
Command Decision J.H. Publications 1986
Common Ground Light & Shadow Press 2009
Companion 1-3 Relationship Press 1978-1980
Consort 1-3 Reprehensible Press 1985-1992
The Cosmic Collected Gayle F. 1986
Counterpoint 1-9 Marian F. & Emily A. 1989-1993
Courts of Honor Syn F. 1985
Covert Action Pon Farr Press 1993
Crossroads Pon Farr Press 1988
Cyberdreams 1-2 Beyond Dreams Press 2003-2005
Dangerous Territory Light and Shadow Press 2012
Daring Attempt 1-9 Wendy R. 1984-1987
Dark Fire 1-2 Kathy Resch 2004
Daybreak: Dream Come True Pon Farr Press 1987
Day of Vengeance E.J. Press 1984
Diversity Jane J. Coulson & S. Meek 1982
Dragons  ? 1990
Dreams of the Sleepers Pon Farr Press 1985
Duet 1-21 Doreen D. 1980-1990
Encore Beyond Dreams Press 1999
The Extremists Village Press 1992
Fallen Star  ? 1985
The Fennel Stones T.J. Publications  ?
Festival Beyond Dreams Press 1991
Fetish - Jenny S. Merry Men Press 1988
Fever 1-2 Pon Farr Press 1989-1991
The Fifth Hour of Night Pon Farr Press 1986
Final Frontier 1-2 Tiberius Press 1981-1983
First Light - Kate Sheridan Merry Men Press 1997
First Time Merry Men Press 1984-present
Future Imperfect Kathy Resch 2010
Gambit Merry Men Press 1991
A Gathering of Blacque Mkashef Enterprises 1987
Gemini J. M. 1992
Gemini: The Flame and the Fire Tish 1993
Golden Oldies and New Delights 4 Play Press 1985
Greater California K/S Noel S. 1985
Guilty Until Proven Innocent  ?  ?
The Halls of the Kings  ? 1985 or 1986?
Hearts of Fire Merry Men Press 1992
Heroes in the Wilderness Village Press 1997
Hidden Desires and Aftermath  ?  ?
Icefire - Ann Mara Crouch Natasha S. 1986
If Freedom Fall? Doreen D. 1982
Imaginary Lines Pon Farr Press 1993
Impact Firetrine Press 1985
Inevitable Love Doreen D. 1981
Interlude (Kaliffee #2) Bill H. 1995
In the Shade Beyond Dreams Press 2005
In the Wilderness 1-4 Village Press 1986-1994
In Triplicate Mkashef Enterprises 1985
JKS Enterprises 1-4 JKS Enterprises 1985-1987
Juggernaut Agent With Style 2009
KaleidoScope 1-8 Emily A. 1993-1998
Kaliffee 1 Peg K. & Bill H. 1990
Kal-Isu-Wan T.J. Publications 1980s
Kan't Stop Laughing 1-3 Cila F.  ?
Kindle My Heart 1-2 Gail P. 2004- ?
KiScon Zine 1-3 Beyond Dreams Press 1999-2004
Kismet Alice Hooker 1994?
Kontinuing Saga Della W. 1987
Krisis J.K.S. Enterprises 1980s
K/S and K.S. (Kindred Spirits) Linda D. Biggs 1970s
K/S and Other Risque Stuff 1-2 Anita L. 1989-1992
The K/S Art Project Agent With Style 2010
K/S Collected Pon Farr Press 1984
K/S CONnections contest zine K/S CONnections convention zine 2002-2004
The Celebration Zine The K/S Press 2005
K/S Relay 1, 4 Janet H. & R. Merrill B. 1980-1982
K/S Tonight! Enterprising Press 1985
K/S Zine Entwhistle & Duck Productions 1982
KSX 1 -2 Gayle F. 1987-1988
Legacy (5 vols) Beyond Dreams Press 2007
Legends 1-7 Mkashef Enterprises 2001-present
Legend's End #1-2 April Valentine ?
Locusts and Wild Honey Village Press 1984
The Long and Winding Road Natasha S. 1990
Lovers 3 Chained to the Typewriter Press 1992
Matter/Antimatter 2-11 Daphne G. 1979-1994
Mirrors of Mind and Flesh Gayle F. 1979
Mirror Reflections Doreen D. 1983
Morpheus Rising Merry Men Press 1999
The Mystic Bond Kathy Resch 1994
Naked Singularity Empyrean Publications 1984
Naked Times 1-32 Pon Farr Press 1978-1994
Never & Always with Lighter Shades 1-2 S. Meek 1982-1983
A New Future/Out of Bounds Doreen D. 1982
Nightmare Road Jean H. 1991
Nightvisions Pulsar Press 1979
Nocturne Defiant Press 1981
No Greater Love Diversity Press 1994
Nome 1-12 Jumping Dik-Bat Press 1979-1991
Nor No Man Ever Loved Doreen D. 1982
Not Tonight, Spock 1-12  ? 1984
Oasis Pon Farr Press 1990
Oath of Bondage Pon Farr Press 1988
Of Course Another K/S Zine Entwhistle and Duck Productions 1985
Off Duty 1-2 Pon Farr Press 1988-1989
Off the Wall Firetrine Press 1991
Off The Wall Too Firetrine Press 1993
One Night Stand 1-5 Natasha S. 1984-1986
Organia Bev L. & Judith Gran 1982
Otherwhere/Otherwhen 1-3 Pon Farr Press 1990-1993
Out of Bounds Unrepressed Press 1981
Out of Bounds Again Unrepressed Press 1983
Out of Bounds, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Unrepressed Press 1984
Out of Bounds, Overflow Shoestring Press 1983
Out of Bounds, Too Unrepressed Press 1982
Out of the Big Black Beyond Dreams Press 2004
Pavane 1-2 Chris I. 1988-1990
A Perfect Love (poetry) Karen H.
The Poet and I Merry Men Press 1986
Portraits Merry Men Press 1990
The Price and The Prize Gayle F. & Syn F. 1981
The Price of Freedom E.J. Press 1986
The Prince Natasha S. 1995
Private Possessions Pon Farr Press 1986
Progressions Merle D. 1985
Promises to Keep - Jenna Sinclair Kathy Resch 1995
Prophets in the Wilderness Village Press  ?
The Protege Doreen D. 1980
Psychic Storm & Other K/S Stories Pon Farr Press 1993
A Question of Balance Pon Farr Press 1979
The Rack & All the King's Horses, All the King's Men 1981
Remix T.J. Publications
Replica Doreen D. 1981
Revolution - Madelein Lee Pam Rose 1995 (crossover with The Professionals and Tris/Alex)
Romulan Exchange T.J. Publications  ?
Scandals of Shikahr Tyne & Wear 1983
The Scapegoat Doreen D.  ?
Scattered Stars 1-12 Merry Men Press 1989-1999
The Search/Reflections T.J. Publications  ?
Second Chance Tyne & Wear  ?
Second Comings PC&P Press  ?
The Sensuous Vulcan Love Child Press 1977
Setting Course Kathy Resch 1996
Shades of Grey 1-5 Mkashef Enterprises 1986-1990
Shadows Alice Hooker  ?
The Shadows Between Us Anna P. 1991
Shadows in the Rain Mkashef Enterprises 1990
Sharing the Sunlight Merry Men Press 1992
Singing in the Wilderness Village Press 1999
Sleeping in Elysium Merry Men Press 2007
Slightly Duet Doreen D. 1983
Sojourns Firetrine Press 1988
Songs of the Dirhja Beyond Dreams Press 2000
The Sound of Rain Natasha S. 1986
Splendor Dovya Blacque 1998
Speed of Light Pon Farr Press 1988
Starry Seas, Earthly Planes Pon Farr Press 1984
Starry Knights 1-2 Merry Men Press 2003-2004
Starwyck Doreen D.  ?
Still Another K/S Zine Entwhistle and Duck Productions 1984
Still More California K/S Noel S. 1986
Still Out of Bounds, Old Friend Shoestring Press 1982
Styx and Stones Pon Farr Press 1987
Sun and Shadow Pulsar Press 1980
Taking Command Pon Farr Press 1991
Tangled Web JKS Enterprises ?
Terra Firma Light and Shadow Press 2012
There are Always Possibilities Cheri E. T. 1986
Thief Chained to the Typewriter Press 1992
Th'igh' Leg Theresa W.  ?
Those Who Believe JKS Enterprises  ?
Thoughts of Love TJ Publications  ?
Three for Fun Alice Hooker  ?
Thrust Carol F. 1978
T'hy'la 1-31 Kathy Resch 1981-present
Time Out of Mind Pon Farr Press 1982
T'Mera 1980s
To Catch a Unicorn Merry Men Press 1998
To Hunger for Mercy Requiem Publications 2011
To Invite the Night Atavachron Publications 1984
A Touch of Tish Tish 1993
Trilogy Jenny E. 1985
Trusting the Spirit Merry Men Press 2002
The Twenty-fifth Year Pon Farr Press 1991
Twilight Trek 1-2 Firetrine Press 1990-1992
Twin Destiny 1-2 Enterprising Press 1983-1985
Twisted Labyrinth JKS Enterprises  ?
T'Zad'U Doreen D. 1983
Undercover: Too Hot to Handle Second Star Press  ?
Unholy Alliances Pon Farr Press 1990
Vagabonds Pon Farr Press 1990
Variations on a Theme 1 STAG Publication 1977
Views of Intimation Venus Publications 1980
The Voice 1-5 Village Press 1982-1986
Vulcan Kartune Book
Vulcan's Son Etian & Caer I. 1987
Warlords Pon Farr Press 1991
Warp Factor One Trek on Publications 1985
The Way Home Pon Farr Press 1990
Way of the Warrior 1-8 Firetrine Press 1987-1996
What is Honour? Doreen D. 1983
When Fate Summons Doreen D. 1987
Where Angels Fear Merry Men Press 1994
Where's Captain Kirk? R. and S. 1980
Within Reach Karen H. 1989
Within the Mirror 1-16 Merry Men Press 1988-present
Worlds Apart Kathy Resch 1996
The Year of the Ram Pon Farr Press 1987
Yet Another K/S Zine Entwhistle and Duck Productions 1984

German-language K/S zines

Zine Title Publisher Year of Publication
AmoKTimeS 1-34 (?) ClassiK/S 1996-?
Begegnungen 1-7 Star Fleet Command (1, 2), Star Trek Forum (3-7)  ?-1998
Cock-Tail 1-5 ClassiK/S (reprints) 1992-1994
Dream Within a Dream 1-4 Dream Press Wunstorf 1993-2002
Es war einmal TOS-Sisters 2002
Gestrandet Stelenan 2005
Nevasa 1-4 TOS-Sisters 2001-2004
Passion – Ein K/S-Sonderband TOS-Sisters 2004
Savaran Stelenan 2006
Shaik 1-4 TOS-Sisters 2001-2003
T'hy'la 1-2 Star Fleet Command 1993, 1995

French-language K/S zines

Zine Title Publisher Year of Publication
Les Jumeaux De L'Apocalypse # 1 T'Zorro 1990
Les Jumeaux De L'Apocalypse # 2 T'Zorro 1990
French K/S 2011

Other Slash

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Chekov Uncovered
In Triplicate Kirk/Spock/McCoy threesome Mkashef Enterprises 1985
Weaver's Works Spock/OMC Angel Wings Press  ?
The Women's List #1-2 femslash, also gen and het 1986

Slash ezines

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Side by Side #1-23 Kirk/Spock anthology Lady Kardasi Productions 2001-2007
Spiced Peaches #1-6 Spock/McCoy anthology 2005-2006