Chekov Uncovered

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Title: Chekov Uncovered
Publisher: Change of Seasons Press
Editor(s): LRH Balzer and Susan D. Winters
Date(s): 1996-1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Chekov Uncovered is a slash and het anthology of stories focusing on Chekov and edited by LRH Balzer.

From the zine: "This fanzine contains explicit, adult and/or same-sex material, and will not knowingly be sold to anyone under the age of 21. Age statements are required before ordering."

Issue 1

Chekov Uncovered 1 was published in October 1996 and contains 182 pages. The cover art is by Warren Oddsson. This zine does not have any interior illustrations.

cover of issue #1, Warren Oddsson
sample page from issue #1
From Skazitelnitsy, one of the authors:

This may be the first published volume of Chekov erotica (a dubious honor, perhaps). I also think "A Matter of Competition" many be the first Chulu story to see print.

Chekov and Sulu were often paired in K/S stories in a sort of "junior bridegroom" trope where their relationship was used to mirror or contrast the central K/S one, but this is the first example I know of where the story is entirely centered on developing a sexual relationship between the two characters. Of course, I could be wrong. [1]
  • I Never by Skazitelnitsy (Sulu/Chekov/Uhura) (Best TOS Multiple in the 1997 Golden Os [2]) (1)
  • The Other Option by Anon (Chekov/Kirk) (21)
  • Control by Skazitelnitsy (Chekov/Spock) (41)
  • Double Dare by Linden Arden (Chekov/Kirk/Rand) (77)
  • A Matter of Competition by Skazitelnitsy (Chekov/Sulu) (85)
  • The Taming by Skazitelnitsy ("Summary: Post feminist scholarship revisits Shakespeare, or, as Chekov would say, God, I hate literature.") (Chekov/Klingon, non-con) (96)
  • Change of Plan by P.B. Wrapper (Chekov/Kirk/Spock) (124)
  • Third Party by J.A. Lavender (sequel to the previous story, "Change of Plan") (Chekov/Kirk/Spock) (154)
  • The Honey Pot Strategy by JoAnne East (multiple) (172)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for I Never.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Teegar

Chekov Uncovered 2 (227 pgs) It was published in 1997. Teegar is the front cover artist.

  • Ransom Demand by Amber (1)
  • I'm Your Doctor, Not Your Lover by John Pascoe (19)
  • Mating Dance by Juliette Romero (58)
  • In Which the Lady Amanda Takes an Interest by Annaliese Kydd-Gabbitas (66)
  • Wolves by J.A. Lavender (73)
  • Letter Home by A Mother (87)
  • Cabin Boy by P.B. Wrapper and Guinevere Wren (90)
  • You Don't Know Me by Jane Seaton (107)
  • Liminal by M. Meade (174)


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