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Title: AmoKTimeS
Publisher: ClassiK/S (a German fan club)
Editor(s): ?
Date(s): 1996 – ?
Series?: Yes
Medium: print
Size: 115 pages (average/around of)[1]
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: German and English
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sample artwork, issue and artist unknown

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AmoKTimeS is a German Star Trek slash club-zine that also contained fan fiction. Each issue ran around 85 to 115 pages.[1] The fanzine was published by ClassiK/S a German fan club founded in 1996. At least 26, possibly 34, issues were published. A sample of some of the content can be found archived via wayback.

From their online description:

Inside AmoKTimeS you will find completed stories running side by side with series, you will find poems, reviews, and Filksongs sitting next to K/S stories. There is the 'Talk Time' (a letter to the editor area), where you can entertain one another and where we offer the next discussion topic for the quarter"[1]

Comments & Reviews


Comment: It is a combination of story zine and newsletter. There are stories, poems and drawings, but also discussion forums, Reviews and "gay" topics apart from Star Trek. The ratio between fiction and discussion is about 50/50.

Observation: The club also offers English language zine lending services to members. New members are warmly welcome.[2]



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