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Name: GSSU
Date(s): May 2000 – present
Archivist: Bettina
Founder: Bettina
Type: slash
Fandom: multi-fandom, slash

German Speaking Slashers United.png
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GSSU stands for "German Speaking Slashers United" and is the multifandom slash archive of the mailing list Querstrich. As the name suggests, this archive is for slash stories by German speaking writers. The stories are written in German and in English. Stories in German are clearly marked.[1]

The archive is open to all fandoms as long as it's slash (m/m, f/f, etc.). The archive also welcomes yaoi, RPS, and German translations of English stories (only with the permission of the authors of the original stories).

As of 2006 the archive housed 973 stories (421 in German) in 111 fandoms by 50 authors. The last update was August 26, 2007. In September 2012 the archivist announced that the archive would close by the end of the year.

Many years ago I created the GSSU archive (German Speaking Slashers United) for the German fannish contingent that I was a part of. The stories were in German and English from a variety of fandoms. It was the archive of the Querstrich mailinglist.

While this mailinglist still exists, our mode of communication has changed and moved to other channels like LJ/DW, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. By the same token people have started posting and/or archiving their stories other places as well.

Therefore, after many many years of maintaining the GSSU archive, I've decided to give it up.

It has been a very hard decision for me to do that. While I really loved doing it the first 7 years, I haven't really updated the site for 5 years now nor were there any people asking to archive their stories there.

However, I still paid the monthly hosting fee. And while it's not that much money, it's still money that I could use for other things.

I will keep the site until the end of the year so that everyone has the chance to move their stories somewhere else.[2]

Import to Archive of Our Own

In the comments of her announcement post, several other fans suggested that Bettina get in touch with the Open Doors committee of the Organization for Transformative Works. In October 2013, Open Doors and Bettina officially announced they would be working together to import the GSSU archive to the Archive of Our Own beginning in November 2013.[3][4] The import was completed in April 2014.



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