Warp Factor One

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You may be looking for Warp Factor, a gen TOS zine.

Title: Warp Factor One
Publisher: Trek-On Publications
Date(s): January 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Warp Factor One is a slash 31-page Star Trek: TOS anthology of re-print stories by Karen Humphries. It was published in the UK.

Summaries by Gilda F.

  • Once is Not Enough! (Spock incurs Kirks anger when he refuses to make love to him while Kirk is recouperating from a bite from a venomous animal.) (also in J.K.S. #1)
  • Revelations (Kirk tells Spock he plans on leaving th ship because he has fallen in love, but does not reveal that it is Spock he loves.) (also in J.K.S. #1)
  • Never Alone (Kirk feels a deep friendship for Spock so is shocked at Spockʼs reaction after their fight on Vulcan during Spockʼs pon farr.) (also in J.K.S. #2)
  • Now (Thinking they are about to die, Kirk confesses his feelings to Spock.)
  • One Hour (After Deneva, a blinded Spock sits in sickbay and recalls his first meeting with Kirk. Sequel: More Than Brothers.)
  • More than Brothers (Spock decides to return an item his held since his and Kirkʼs first meeting. Prequel: One Hour) (also in J.K.S. #1)