Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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You may be looking for the Sentinel story Until Proven Innocent.

Title: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Author(s): Pat Seiler
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): undated but likely 1984, reprinted at a unknown later date
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of the original 1984 issue
cover of the later edition, date unknown

Guilty Until Proven Innocent is a 213-page slash Star Trek: TOS novel by Pat Seiler.

Publication Date

It was proposed in Universal Translator #13 in 1982, proposed a little later in Datazine #18 in 1982, and in a 1983 Datazine, it was called "delayed." Finally, in a 1984 Datazine, it was listed as "finally available."

One mystery: the style of the cover suggests a much later published date and while published for the first time in 1984 as "Guilty Until Proven Innocent," it may have been reprinted later and simply called "Guilty" as per the zine's cover shown here. The price in 1984 was $14.50.

Both the 1984 issue, and the later issue, contain 213 pages.


From Jan/February 1982: "'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' deals with Captain Kirk being framed for Spock's death and Kirk's attempts to find out if he actually did kill his best friend and bondmate. Though the zine deals with the relationship and bond between Kirk and Spock, there is no explicit sex scenes, so no age statement is required. Approx. 200 pages. Due out April 1982. I need artists for his zine. Send $7.00 + SASE." [1]

From March/April 1982: "This zine, though it touches on the K/S premise, does not touch on the explicit sides and thus does not require an age statement. A post-ST:TMP story -- Kirk, recovering from a severe head injury, goes on leave while the ship puts in for extensive repair. It's been six months since the V'ger affair, and Kirk and Spock, newly rebonded, have had little time to be alone and simply become reacquainted again. But what starts out as a potentially enjoyable leave, turns into a nightmare for Kirk and all involved. McCoy leaves his friends for two days, and when he returns, he finds Kirk in his room, badly bruised and disoriented, the room in shambles, and the only sign of Spock is an ominous green stain on the carpet. Did Kirk, as a result of his severe concussion, somehow kill Spock in an argument? And if so, what did he do with the body and why did he dispose of it in the first place? And, what kind of plan of vengeance had Dr. Lopiuty come up with during his 13-year stay in Maka Colony Rehabilitation Center? Kirk's attempts at finding out what happened are clouded by a dark shadow from his past and the hampering bureaucracy of a prejudiced Starfleet." [2]


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