Splendor (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Splendor
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Splendor is a 165-page slash Star Trek: TOS anthology by Dovya Blacque, Time Dahlquist and Faris Vincent. The front cover is by The Southern Cross.

All fiction was previously published in other zines.


  • Two Ships Passing by Dovya Blacque (As I Do Thee #20, Legends #2), p. 5-27 (While undergoing debriefing following their encounter with V’ger, Kirk discovers what’s truly important in his life… and that, despite his deepest desires, holding on to it might be more difficult than expected.)
  • The Sound of Your Breath by Dovya Blacque (Naked Times #30), 28-43 (For a single moment that day on the hot sands of Vulcan, James Kirk had stopped breathing. Now, safely back aboard ENTERPRISE, Spock cannot forget that moment and finds himself seeking out the reassurance of Kirk’s presence.)
  • Hello Earth by Dovya Blacque (AS I DO THEE #19), p. 44-67 (Being stationed on Earth isn’t as bad as Kirk might once have thought; anything seems bearable as long as Spock remains at his side. In a moment of clarity, Kirk sees just how content he is… and why.)
  • Leap of Faith by Time Dahlquist (As I Do Thee #20), p. 68-82 (The experiment to initiate “away teams” aboard Federation Starships seemed like a good idea. After all, why should the captain put himself in danger when unnecessary? And the experiment worked. On every ship… except ENTERPRISE. Could the fact that all the first officers of the ships on which the “away teams” were being tried have anything to do with the unprecedented failure of ENTERPRISE’s crew to adapt to the knew policy?)
  • Beneath the Sands of Gri'Alon by Dovya Blacque (AS I DO THEE #13), p. 83-98 (While anyone could have substituted for Spock, it seemed a logical move for Kirk to come all the way from Earth to take over the Vulcan’s classes at the VSA while he was on leave. Until Kirk discovered his friend’s true condition.. Only then did he begin to question his own instincts to rush to his friend’s side; questions that only begged further questions once he saw Spock again…)
  • The Heat by Faris Vincent (AS I DO THEE #21), p. 99-118 (While recovering from the fal tor pan in the company of his parents, Kirk and McCoy, Spock begins to recall memories from his past, memories he cannot place in time, memories no one can help him to clarify… except Jim Kirk.)
  • Oceans of Night by Dovya Blacque (AS I DO THEE #17), p. 119-127 (Grief is such an odd thing. It is nearly an entity unto itself with the heaviness of presence such as that of an unaccustomed gravity rapidly inflicted upon someone not expecting the shift. It is quite stifling. So Spock records in his journal during a return trip to Yosemite with Kirk, a trip that is spent remembering and grieving a long-lost brother… and celebrating the brother who remains.)
  • Splendor by Dovya Blacque (NAKED TIMES #32), p. 128-154 (Keynote speaker at a convention in Las Vegas, Spock unexpectedly invites his captain along… who just as unexpectedly accepts the invitation. 23rd Century Las Vegas will never be the same again!)
  • Still Waters by Dovya Blacque (NAKED TIMES #30), p. 155-165 (Kirk is anything but comfortable with the attention his necessarily brief native Caratian dress is drawing while he and Spock are in negotiations with the local government. And Spock isn’t too comfortable with it, either…)
  • new poetry by Time and Faris

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