Beneath the Sands of Gri'Alon

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Beneath the Sands of Gri’Alon
Author(s): Dovya Blacque
Date(s): 1993
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Beneath the Sands of Gri’Alon is a K/S story by Dovya Blacque.

It was published in the print zine As I Do Thee #13 and Splendor.


"While anyone could have substituted for Spock, it seemed a logical move for Kirk to come all the way from Earth to take over the Vulcan’s classes at the VSA while he was on leave. Until Kirk discovered his friend’s true condition.. Only then did he begin to question his own instincts to rush to his friend’s side; questions that only begged further questions once he saw Spock again."

Reactions and Reviews

This is a gentle and loving pon farr story which delighted me the first time I read it. I much prefer the premise that pon farr does not have to be an act of madness or violence: So in this way, the story is different from others. Also, the love scene is different than one would expect in a pon farr story, cuz rather than Spock doing Kirk it's the opposite. Beautifully done too!

This takes place sometime after Spock's return from Gol. Both he and Kirk are stationed on Earth for a time. But then Spock agrees to spend a year on Vulcan teaching at The VSA. It also becomes convenient since his pon farr is approaching. When Kirk learns that after only 4 months into his classes Spock has taken a leave of absence in his parents home, he puts in for a temporary transfer to Vulcan Base, suspecting Spock has gone into pon farr, and the rest of the story unfolds from there.

There's plenty of in depth dialog and some really poignant and romantic moments. Ifs the kind of story that should be read slowly and savored. [1]
This is a wonderful gem of a story written by a K/S author whom has been around almost from the beginning of K/S and is still very much active in the fandom today. Written in her impeccable style, it contains all the elements that separate a good K/S story from a great one. This particular tale definitely belongs in the latter. This story takes place after the events of ST:TMP. Both men have accepted ground assignments on Earth, Kirk at Fleet Headquarters and Spock teaching cadets. Both have resumed their close friendship, but that's as far as their relationship has gone. Then they discover Spock is to be posted to Vulcan for a year with his cadets and while neither is pleased with the separation, they both knew "they had endured worse things...longer separations". Not long after Spock's departure, however, Kirk learns the Vulcan has requested a leave of absence and it doesn't take long for him to figure out why. At McCoy's urging, Kirk leaves for Vulcan, determined to do what he can to help his Vulcan friend through this difficult time. Upon arriving, he finds that "help" comes in the form of taking over Spock's classes, all the while waiting for word from his friend. When that word comes, he finds himself reunited with a very different Vulcan than the one who left Earth those several months ago. And it is this reunion scene, the reasons for it, and the subsequent turn of events where the author makes the story really come alive as she spins a tale of a vulnerable but not "weak" Spock, a compassion and gentle Kirk who cares for his friend with tenderness and love, all told with plenty of those "little moments" that for me are the true definition of what K/S is all about. Just as Spock often pleads with Kirk in this story to "take me home", so indeed this author does take him, and all of us, home to a place we've come to cherish, a place called K/S. This is one not to be missed. [2]


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