Splendor (Star Trek: TOS story)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Splendor
Author(s): Dovya Blacque
Date(s): 1994
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Splendor is a K/S story by Dovya Blacque.

It was published in the print zine Naked Times #32 and in Splendor.


"Kirk accompanys Spock to a computer conference in Las Vegas while on their shore leave."

Reactions and Reviews

This was so fun to read. 23rd century Las Vegas! But it was not only a fun story, not at all. My heart almost couldn't take it when the moments came of Kirk and Spock first acknowledging their feelings and coming together physically.

Absolutely great descriptions of Las Vegas. I loved all the details about the hotels/casinos-the Splendor, the Babylon (one of the no-telepaths casinos), the MGM Ultragrand, etc. About the city itself, the natural elements, the shopping! Kirk and Spock shopping was an enjoyable scene.

They are in Las Vegas on four weeks leave. Spock is the keynote speaker at a conference. I loved how he is shown to be a galaxy-famous scientist and gets the VIP treatment. And Kirk enjoys basking in Spock's famousness. Spock is the center of attention, and Kirk loves seeing him like this, is so proud to be with him.

I loved Kirk in jeans, white v-neck t-shirt and cowboy boots.

I might have thought Kirk would have been more of a gambler in this story, that he would have been hanging out at the casinos instead of lazing by the rooftop pool when Spock was at his conference.

Kirk is so pleased to be always in Spock's awareness; this comes up when Spock knows of his presence in a gigantic crowd. Later, in their truly splendid penthouse suite, the conference over, all their time for each other, they talk about it, how they so often know what the other is thinking, etc. I love their acknowledgment that they are a whole. The more they're together, the stronger the mental tethers. Spock confesses his link with Kirk may make the necessary bonding link (with another) difficult. Kirk says, "Good." This came out unconsciously—a long silence. Exquisite tension.

Kirk thinks, should I take the chance of being wrong? Should I take the chance of being right? This is an absolutely wonderful scene, so quietly intense. One of the best I've read. Such sweet anxiety, those first moments, testing the waters. Small touches, simple moments, and not too many words spoken. Yet the kind of words that can't be misconstrued, that change their lives forever. Excellently written. And when they are closely seeing each other's faces for the first time in sexual arousal.... Very powerful. Some of this pari was jusi slightly told-not-shown, however. I have this feeling about using the word "erotic," for instance. I don't think a kiss is effectively described as "erotic" As opposed to it being described so that the reader feels it is erotic Same with the word "sensual/ An erotic kiss; a sensual kiss? I'm not sure. Nonetheless, this whole passage is very erotic and sensual.

And the actual sex proceeds at a perfect pace-the undeniable, incredible arousal. This is the first time Kirk has ever sucked cock, and he loves it. Kirk's feelings (this whole story is only in Kirk's POV) are described very beautifully. In the morning, they give each other the gifts they had bought. Spock gives Kirk "Interview with the Vampire," I love it.

Such a pleasure, this story, on many levels. [1]
This is a great first time, shore leave story. For a change, the readers get to see the scientific side of Spock which I thought was interesting seeing it from Kirk's perspective. Spock wanting to spend all of his spare time from the convention as guest speaker with Kirk, the quiet dinners, laser show, especially the gambling, and the shopping scenes. They were funny. The slow realization that they could read each other's mind, and Kirk being nervous about kissing Spock . The author wrote a great, believable, realistic, slow build up of their feelings for each other relationship story. Cool. I give it ten Vulcan salutes. [2]
I love this story—it is, indeed, splendid! This is one of my comfort food for the soul type stories. When I’m tired, depressed, stressed out, sick, etc., I have certain stories I reread, and this is one of them.

Dovya is one of my favorite K/S authors. I love how she usually writes the relationship between Kirk and Spock as so warm, so loving, so comfortable, so easy. They are the best of friends in this story, about to go on leave together to Las Vegas, where Spock is to be the keynote speaker at a computer convention. The description of a future Las Vegas was fun, as were the futuristic touches in their penthouse suite. (Floors made of a substance that can be made transparent, for example.) Kirk lazes by the pool while Spock is busy, they eat, talk, Kirk visits the convention, they gamble (or rather Kirk gambles while Spock observes), they shop, they talk more, and then they make a discovery and come to an understanding that changes their relationship.

There‘s lots and lots of wonderful dialogue in this story, which I always like. There’s also some beautifully described lovemaking—a wonderful kissing scene which I believe was nominated a while ago in the KSP for Best Kiss, as well as a fellatio scene that I’ve nominated in this issue for the Best Description of Fellatio in a K/S story. “Splendor” is such a loving portrayal of Kirk and Spock’s friendship and love for each other written by such a wonderful writer that I find myself rereading it often. Highly recommended. [3]


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