Diversity (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Diversity
Publisher: Jane J. Coulson and S. Meek
Date(s): 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Diversity is a K/S slash Star Trek: TOS 166-page anthology by Jane J. Coulson & S. Meek. It was published in the UK.

Summaries are by Gilda F.

  • Lover and Perfect Equal by Jane J. Coulson (Pre K/S: Kirk and Spock both wonder about a relationship between them.) (also in Second Comings)
  • Tiger in the Fold by S. Meek (After the problems on Argelius, Spock is anxious to teach Kirk a lesson for his loverʼs remark about the women.)
  • The Green Glade by Jane Coulson (Kirk is stung while on a planet survey, and the meld Spock instigates while he tries to suck out the venom reveals both their feelings for each other.) (also in Second Comings)
  • Case of the Missing Tribble, The by Jane J. Coulson
  • Impasse by S. Meek (After Kirk returns from a solo mission, he and Spock struggle to find a balance between their lives and concern as lovers, and their duty as Starfleet officers.) (also in Second Comings)
  • Truce by Jane J. Coulson (A/U: Kirk sees Spock going into a male brothel, and the discovery unleashes his until now hidden feelings for his first officer.)

Reactions and Reviews

From [S M], who helped bring NEVER AND ALWAYS WITH LIGHTER SHADES I & II we have DIVERSITY. Both she and Jane Coulson contribute fifty per cent each to the fiction & on the whole the stories are well-balanced. It's a short zine, only sixty-six pages, but as the two authors say, it is a serious attempt to explore a few of 'the diverse aspects of the loving relationship between our favourite Starship Captain and Vulcan...' Whether they succeed depends on your definition of diverse. Lover and Perfect Equal is a short story which has our two heroes both panting for one another but from afar. The two do not fulfill their cravings at the end of the plot but it is made quite clear there's hope that in the future perhaps? A well-written piece. Tiger in the Fold and Case of the Missing Tribble are more light-hearted tales offered and to be taken with tongue-in-cheek. The Green Glade is a first timer which is long enough to allow development of the relationship rather than have them both in bed within the first page. It will appeal to those who enjoy a great deal of emotional foreplay. Impasse shows how even our two lovers can have unresolvable bones of contention that must be lived with. Basically a stalemate. The only Alternate Universe story in the zine is Truce where Kirk's discovery that Spock's preference is for males provokes a deep self-analysis. All in all, a first timer set against a different background to 'real' Trek. Of the poetry, I enjoyed "Contamination", "As Dreams Are Made Of", and "Waking." The artwork consists of a series of sketches which are not at all explicit or erotic. All this makes for a pleasant, simple zine with no great classics but certainly with no great disappointments. [1]


  1. ^ from Not Tonight Spock! #9