Second Comings

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See also Second Coming (disambiguation).

Title: Second Comings
Publisher: PC & P Press
Date(s): 1987 or before
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Second Comings is a 70-page slash Star Trek: TOS anthology of stories by Jane J. Coulson and S. Meek which previously appeared in Diversity and Never and Always with Lighter Shades. It was published in the UK.


Some summaries are by Gilda F.

  • After The Fire by S. Meek (Spock is on temporary assignment on a distant outpost when he enters pon farr soon after he and Kirk bond.) (also in Nocturne)
  • Bondlink by S. Meek
  • Impasse by S. Meek (After Kirk returns from a solo mission, he and Spock struggle to find a balance between their lives and concern as lovers, and their duty as Starfleet officers.) (also in Diversity)
  • As Dreams are Made On by S. Meek
  • Star Shadows by Jane J. Coulson
  • Rewrite of the Rewrite of Star Trek III by Jane J. Coulson
  • Jealousy Has a Human Face by Jane J. Coulson (Now living on Vulcan, Kirk must deal with Spockʼs irrational jealousy at the same time that both must learn to fit into Vulcan society.) (also in Never and Always with Lighter Shades)
  • Lover and Perfect Equal by by Jane J. Coulson (PreK/S: Kirk and Spock both wonder about a relationship between them.) (also in Diversity)
  • The Green Glade by Jane J. Coulson (Kirk is stung while on a planet survey, and the meld Spock instigates while he tries to suck out the venom reveals both their feelings for each other.) (also in Diversity)