Re-Mix (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Re-Mix
Publisher: T.J. Publications
Editor(s): Karen Hayden
Date(s): 1980s (after 1986), undated
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by J.D. Tribble

Re-Mix is a 50-page slash anthology of fiction by Karen Humphries that had been previously published in other zines.

There is a note on the contents page that the "stories and prose in this zine originally went out under the pen-name of Lynn Mitchell."


  • Analysis (1) (also in JKS Enterprises)
  • The Gorgon, poem (3)
  • After The Web, poem (3)
  • Bewitched!, poem (3)
  • Captain's Dilemma (4) (also in JKS Enterprises and Duet)
  • Once More a Man, poem (12)
  • Kept Secret (13) (also in JKS Enterprises)
  • Complaint, poem (13)
  • Always You, poem (13)
  • Out of Bounds (14) (also in JKS Enterprises)
  • Will You Be There?, poem (34)
  • Obsession, poem (34)
  • Personal Log, poem (34)
  • A Beginning (35) (also in JKS Enterprises and Duet)
  • I Am Vulcan, poem (44)
  • Silhouette, poem (44)
  • Masquerade (45) (also in JKS Enterprises and Duet)

Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Masquerade.


At £2.50 (sase for overseas price) this 50 page zine is, in my opinion, overpriced. The stories are all by Karen Humphries who also writes under the pen name of Lynn Mitchell. Unfortunately, if you've already read OUT OF BOUNDS and DUET VI both issued by D. DaBinett, you'll already have read two of the six stories in REMIX. It's up to you to decide, if this is the case, whether you wish to read the other material, which includes a generous dosage of poetry, or not. If you haven't read any of Lynn Mitchell's material, it might just be worth the buy. [1]