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You may be looking for Dark Fires, a Dark Shadows zine, or The Dark Fire Saga, a Star Wars zine.

Title: Dark Fire
Editor(s): Kathy Resch
Date(s): 2004-2007
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Dark Fire is a K/S slash dark fic Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Kathy Resch.

Artwork has been uploaded to Fanlore with the publisher's permission.


From a distributor, Agent With Style: "With stories that revel in the dark fire within us all, this slash zine contains several tales that use the theme of 'the dark meld' between Kirk and Spock, while other stories take some truly fascinating looks at the darker or kinkier side of K/S."

From a 2007 ebay seller: '"WARNINGS : THESE STORIES ARE NOT 'NICE' . Warnings include torture, rape, incest, coersion, piercings, graphic descriptions, partner betrayal, bondage, Mirror Universe, alternate universe. Some stories have 2 or 3 of these warnings in the same story. No death stories, & all have K&S together at the end, in most, K/S is the only pairing at all."

Summaries below by Gilda F.

Issue 1

cover by T'Guess

Dark Fire 1 was published in December 2004 and has 200 pages.

In the editorial, the editor dedicates this zine to the vid Closer saying that the "video was a major inspiration for this fanzine. If you haven't see it, you absolutely must."

From the editorial:

Would you like to see another zine in this series? If so, I need stories and artwork. Here are my guidelines: As is doubtless obvious, I love emotional intensity and angst. I'm looking for stories that are emotionally and psychologically complex, and that can include rape and other violent themes. I am most interested in "our" Kirk and Speck, but will accept Mirror and AU stories, as well.

I will consider stories that have appeared on the internet if there are new scenes written exclusively for the zine. I would ask that stories included in the zine not be posted to the net for a period of one year after publication of the zine.


I will consider the following types of stories for "Dark Fire". All stories must be K/S. If there are other partners involved, the story should end with Kirk and Spock together.

I am not interested in:

Stories that are done just for the purpose of having K&S perform a particular sex act—I am interested in "why" as much as "what".

If you have an idea for a story that doesn't fit in with any of the above—just ask.

Editing will be done via email. The author will receive a hard copy proof of the final version via snail mail for approval.

Art is by T'Guess. Contains 7 short stories, 1 novelette, 2 novellas, 1 poem & art.

  • The Strangest Thing by T'Guess -- novella (It takes Spock being brutally tortured and humiliated for Kirk to realize his love for him. Note: the print zine version is a longer version than the one online.) (1)
  • Anti Deus Ex Machina by T'Marii (AR: The artificial kironite isnʼt working, so Kirk stalls for time by playing along with what Parmen wants.) (51)
  • Golden, Tangible by Farfalla (Spock gets a nipple ring.) (60)
  • Orion Encounter by Olive Simmons (M/U: A night of sex between Kirk and Spock becomes much more.) (64)
  • Even Stars Bleed by Nadja Lee (Kirk and Spockʼs friendship is shattered after Spock goes into pon farr and rapes Kirk.) (68)
  • Restraint by Jean Lightfoot (Kirkʼs love is put to the test when, after a violent confrontation, Spock begins to pull back from the strong physical and emotional responses Kirk engenders in him.) (135)
  • Editorial (197)

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[art by T'Guess for The Strangest Thing]: Had I run across this story by T’Guess (“The Strangest Thing”) in a zine generally devoted to lightness and love, I might have been disappointed. But that was not the case. It’s in a zine advertised as being dark in nature, so I was forewarned. The account of Spock’s imprisonment and torture by Romulans is well written and descriptive to a fault. My dislike of these evolutionary cousins of Vulcan has grown by leagues as I read what they are capable of doing to a starving, dying man. Spock has lost even the hope of being rescued, but true to his nature, Kirk has not given up. Nor has Sarek—and it is through both their efforts that Spock is freed from captivity. However, he is far, far from being free of the damage that has been inflicted upon him.

Throughout his imprisonment, the story is liberally punctuated by T’Guess trademark art, this time frequently featuring Spock tied, in pain and defeated. The pictures are applicable to the story, but that does not make them pleasing to see.

There is a notable exception: a beautiful piece of black & white art depicting Kirk and Spock in better times, actually illustrating a dream Kirk has of better times. The dream sequence describes the reason for the 20th century attire, beginning with an absolutely gorgeous Kirk in a sleeveless black tee shirt, followed by a stunning Spock in a white tee. The lighting – for which T’Guess is famous—is magnificent and shows off every great feature in both their faces. I can’t tell you a time when they’ve looked more appealing. They aren’t touching, but perhaps that is a plus because it would have been a shame to see scorch marks on the page! [1]

Issue 2

Dark Fire 2 has art by T'Guess (front cover) and AcidQueen. It was published in July 2007 and contains 222 pages.

cover of issue #2 -- "I‘ve long admired the way T‘Guess captures mood and controls light in her images – this is a perfect example, and so fitting for a zine that looks at the dark side. Surrounded by flames, a very troubled-looking and focused Spock grasps Kirk‘s head in the meld position while Kirk‘s eyes search for something illusive and beyond the range of normal vision. The image is a powerful one, suggesting a certain pain and great intensity. Even the text, shaded with the color of flame, is fitting." [2]
the warning page, the last page in the zine
  • Divisions by Jean Lightfoot (When a mental link is forced on him by the “wolf” Kirk, Spock finds that it has overridden his link to TʼPring...just as he is going into pon farr.)
  • Ruk's Choice by Dale (Kirk avoids Spock after returning from Exo III, until, confronted by his lover, he confesses to being raped while on the planet.)
  • Research by K'Chaps (Kirk gets more than he bargained for when Spock discovers heʼs been trying to research Vulcan sexuality and gives him a lesson he wonʼt soon forget.)
  • To Serve the Empire by Olive Simmons (M/U: After escorting a convoy of ships to the planet, Shimkazi Prime, the Empireʼs ʻdrugʼ planet, Kirk and Spock get together and pretty much spend the rest of their time having sex.)
  • Behold Thy Desire by Angelise (During the interphase with the Mirror Universe, Kirk and Spock both discover that their counterparts are involved in a sadomasochistic relationship — which apparently is exactly what the two men also want.)
  • Acts of a Criminal Nature by Deborah Cummins (Spock is sold to a brutal, sadistic woman after being convicted of murder on the planet, Menora.)
  • Ghost in the Machine by T'Guess (Kirk and Spock are lovers, in every way but the physical, which is causing Spock to start picking up on Kirkʼs every thought and sensation whenever he has sex with anyone.)
  • Release by Farfalla (At Gol, Spock imagines a strange tableau of sex and death and guilt after running away from his lover, Kirk, and from Starfleet.)
  • Equal Opportunity by AcidQueen (Non-K/S story)
  • Kiss of Life by AcidQueen (Non-K/S story)

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[art by T'Guess]: frontispiece -- Here‘s a study of all the mindmelds Spock has performed in the course of his career on the Enterprise, all neatly arranged around an abstract image. It was only after gazing at the central picture for an extended period that I realized it was Spock‘s hand reaching out to me through the swirling pattern, his fingers in the meld position. This is worth some close study. Ghost in the machine – Dark Fire 2: I haven‘t read the artist‘s accompanying story yet, but love the way she‘s designed this piece. I see it as a ―book jacket‖ design, with the title artistically displayed. I‘ll bet the close-ups of Kirk kissing Lenore Karidian and Spock kissing Zarabeth have something to do with the story – perhaps they are memories. These are overlain by a picture of Spock seated at the science station wringing his hands – all very suggestive. The featured image of Kirk and Spock is somewhat severe with both frowning and apparently involved in a crisis situation. Now I can‘t wait to read the story! Between Page 174 and 175 – Dark Fire 2: Here is another picture that is uniquely matched to ―The Ghost in the Machine‖, along with a quote. Kirk is in extreme closeup, looking haunted and cautious – only a shadow of Spock lies behind him. Is it Spock or an illusion? There‘s a background reminiscent of the air sparking with electricity. Exciting and stimulating to say the least. [3]


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