Equal Opportunity

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Equal Opportunity
Author(s): Acidqueen
Date(s): 2007
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Equal Opportunity is a Kirk/Spock/McCoy story by Acidqueen.

It was published in the print zine Dark Fire #2.

Reactions and Reviews

I‘m going to cover both stories [she refers to Kiss of Life] by Acidqueen in my comments because what I have to say of the impact of this chronicle fits both. It is a captivating story. I use that word because it draws the reader in like a mesmerizing study on the whys of BDSM. The beginning section has Kirk thinking about the trio. His obvious adoration for his lovers gives a tone of romance that stays throughout the narration. It sets up the love and trust that is so important for the 'game' to work positively.

I'm drawn to BDSM stories without really understanding why, so I found myself searching for my own answers as K/S/Mc merged into this. I fully recognized these characters. McCoy getting second thoughts over what they were getting into. Spock's sweet hesitation with Kirk over a 'slave' scenario, melted my heart. Then there‘s Kirk's pushing/persuading nature, yet hesitant of antagonizing his lovers, that rings equally true to how I envision Kirk. This chronicle also explores the different types of bonds with the couples within the trio, which I found logical considering the different personalities and experiences. It also is honest over the jealousy/trust issues that the individual within a trio might have. These issues and more become the emotional cobweb that weaves to the heart of why the 'game‘ works for this unique joining. The 'Kiss' story is a great follow-up. It allows time to go by that gives the trio time for their individual reflections. Spock being the one to instigate the game the second time was perfect. Kirk needed that reassurance that he hadn‘t forced them into something they regretted. I believe it also helped McCoy to see his participation, or lack of, would be his own choice.

I was left hungering for more of this plot. Acidqueen did a great job of allowing windows to peek into that offered why this helped the characters. I understood McCoy over the medical issues that have left him with suppressed fears. And the exploring of Spock‘s hesitation with emotional issues such as privacy, was appropriate. But I was left wondering why Jim sought to explore pain. He conquered it, but what was his underlying need about? I look forward to future sequels. [1]


  1. ^ from The K/S Press #134